Today’s Question: I’m A Recovering Alcoholic, Can I Get Life Insurance?


Today’s Question: I’m a recovering alcoholic, can I still qualify for Life Insurance?

The short answer is yes, you absolutely can qualify for Life Insurance if you are a recovering alcoholic. The long answer is, what policy? Determining what policy is best for your individual situation is imperative before you jump right ahead on any policy.

There are two types of policies you must fully research and understand. 

The first plan is a traditional fully underwritten policy. These policies have a series of health questions as well as medical tests you must complete. Keep it mind, they may also write your doctor to verify tests and answers.

The second type of policy is a simplified issue plan. With there plans, there are no medical tests, however, there are a series of health questions you must answer. With the simplified issue type policies, the more questions you can answer no to, the better the plan you qualify for.

Provided your past alcoholism did not lead to any long term illnesses, qualifying for life insurance will be relatively simple. It all comes down to finding the right policy for your needs. If you are unsure about various policies or what may work best for you, it is beneficial to work with a licensed broker. Brokers who work with all the difference companies, know the different types of policies, and have experience insuring hard to insure individuals, will aid you in finding the best policy suitable for your individual needs.

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