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Assumption Life 770 Main Street P.O. Box 160 Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 8L1
Phone Numbers
Toll Free: 1-800-455-7337
Phone: 506-853-6040
Fax: 506-853-5428
A- (Excellent) Outlook: Stable
Financials (CAD Millions)
Revenue (2017): $226 million Revenue (2016): $203 million Profit (2017): $7.7 million Profit (2016): $7.8 million
Life Insurance products
Term Life Insurance Permanent Life Insurance Living Benefits Participating Life Insurance Investment and Retirement Residential Mortgages
President & CEO
Sébastien Dupuis

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    Examples of Assumption Life Insurance Quotes

    Here are a few examples of Assumption Life Insurance quotes (as of March 2019). Please consider that these are approximate rates.

    Term 10,
    Coverage $100,000
    Male, non-smoker
    $ per month
    Female, non-smoker
    $ per month
    30 years old$12.15$10.17
    45 years old$17.73$14.31
    60 years old $60.30 $47.70
    Term 20,
    Coverage $100,000
    Male, non-smoker
    $ per month
    Female, non-smoker
    $ per month
    30 years old$20.70$11.97
    45 years old$24.75$21.51
    60 years old$108.36$72.63
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    Assumption Life Insurance: Overview and products

    Assumption Life has indisputably become one of Atlantic Canada’s major insurance and financial investment companies, with more than 75,000 policies in force. It was ranked 33rd out of Atlantic Canada’s top 101 companies.

    Assumption Life offers a wide range of products, including individual life insurance, group insurance (life, health, dental, disability), critical illness, travel insurances, mortgage loans, financial services, annuities and segregate funds. Louisbourg Investments is an investment management and financial planning arm aimed at institutions, companies and individual portfolio holders, managing pension plans and pooled funds tailored to individual needs.

    One of Assumption Life’s specialty products is Golden Protection life insurance, designed for people between the ages of 40 to 80. It can be obtained without medical examination; the insurance amount triples in the case of accidental death on public transport, and doubles in the case of accidental death. There is even competitive rates for smokers.

    The company also has a real estate management arm, Assumption Place Ltd, which operates rental space in New Brunswick. Their holdings include Commerce Houses in Moncton and Château Edmondson. Furthermore, if in need of office space, Carrefour Assomption in Edmundston is home to many business, with an ultramodern conference centre.

    The company’s community involvement is impressive, including the Assumption Foundation Scholarship Fund, support of breast cancer research in partnership with the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute, investing in the community through donations and sponsorships (particularly in education and health), and holding the Bobby Orr golf tournament. The company and its employees donate to the Tree of Hope, a non-profit foundation that offers emergency assistance to families who had experienced sudden tragic losses. The company also publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Confident Times. Their head office is located in Moncton, New Brunswick.

    Strengths / Plusses

    • An excellent Simplified Issue plan:  Golden Protection their flagship non-medical life insurance plan is an excellent solution for individuals with health issues, especially among female non-smokers 60 years of age and up.
    • Their Flex Term policies have no medical tests on face amounts $250,000 and under. Ages 18 to 65. The plans are available on level or decreasing death benefit basis and their Flex Term 15 is very competitive at most face amounts and age groups.

    Weaknesses / Minuses

    • Do not offer a Universal Life policy
    • Do not offer a Critical Illness policy

    Some things Canadians may not know about Assumption Life

    Assumption Life is a Canadian life insurance provider, a mutual established in New Brunswick, offering life insurance nationwide for 118 years this year. They were one of the first life insurance providers in Canada to offer a fully paperless process called LIA (i.e., Life Insurance Anywhere!) and they also specialize in providing coverage for individuals still new to Canada, before they get their permanent resident status.

    Products where Assumption offers excellent pricing and value to clients

    While Assumption Life does offer multiple life insurance solutions for all ages up to age 85 (this is an exclusivity, no other company would issue at an age this advanced), their primary focus for the final expense market continues to be clients over the age of 60 (i.e., in the retirement and “mature” zone). Assumption is particularly liberal in offering applicants with coverage in effect on an immediate basis, rather than having to wait 2 or 3 years before it could become effective, and in many instances even where the insured might have previously suffered or being subject to certain medical issues.

    Customers that may have upcoming high increasing term renewals or have term coverage that have recently expired should clearly address their final expenses insurance options and consider an immediate coverage even at a very late stage in their life.

    Interested to see how Assumption Life rates compare with others?

    Getting the best life insurance quote with Assumption Life

    Assumption Life recently introduced an electronic underwriting tool, called Fetch, assisting advisors to find the ideal product for each client based on their health status, without having to submit an application. Assumption Life makes the whole application process very easy for both advisors and clients and the company continue to innovate while providing exceptional service.

    In addition to that, Assumption Life has recently launched a planning tool to assist advisors and their clients to better assess their final expenses needs.

    Our team has extensive experience working with Assumption Life among other 20+ insurance partners – we are just a click away (see the button below).

    Interested to see how Assumption Life rates compare with others?

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    • Jennifer
      April 30, 2013 at 11:40 pm

      I bought a 20 Pay policy with Empire Life and would like to look at a second plan.

      • LSM Insurance
        May 1, 2013 at 12:32 pm

        Thanks Jennifer.

        We are happy to help. Empire Life does not offer a Non Participating 20 Pay policy but they do offer a Participating Whole Life policy. Industrial Alliance and BMO Insurance still offer Participating Whole Life plan. We will be in touch by email.

    • Ian Spicer
      February 23, 2013 at 5:10 pm

      Do you hire LPN’s, I graduate from nusing school in june and am looking for insurance work.

    • LSM Insurance
      August 4, 2009 at 10:24 am

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for the note. Assumption Life’s flagship non medical plan is Golden Protection. The maximum face amount is $50,000. I will send you a seperate email shortly. Best Regards … Lorne

    • terry
      August 4, 2009 at 7:04 am


    • LSM Insurance
      May 30, 2008 at 4:29 pm

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for your note. Unfortunately I am not the broker of record on your group account and do not have access to your policy paticulars. You would have to contact Assumption life directly. Their contact details are below.

      Regards … Lorne

      Assumption Life
      770 Main Street
      P.O. Box 160
      Moncton, New Brunswick
      E1C 8L1

      Toll Free: 1-800-455-7337
      Phone: 506-853-6040
      Fax: 506-853-5428

      Web Address:
      Email Address:

    • andrew todd
      May 30, 2008 at 9:49 am

      hi my name is andrew todd and i have a long term disability claim through Federal Impressions Inc. my group # is 1462 and my cert. # is 1462000066. I am unable to perform my job and have been since dec. 15, 2007due to a stage 3 seperated ac joint in my right shoulder. i am ,however, able to perform light duty tasks.The dilema is that my employer does not have much light duty work for me to do and he would not be able to pay me the wages i was making prior to the accident. could you pleas advise me if assumption life will cover my wages untill i am able to perform my job once again. thanks. Andrew.

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