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Canada Life Assurance Company
330 University Ave, Toronto, ON, M5G 1R8
Phone Numbers
General questions: 1-416-597-1456
A+ (Superior) (as of December, 2018)
Financials (CAD Millions)
Revenue, 2017: $32,118 Net Earnings, 2017: $1,640
Life Insurance products
Life insurance Disability Insurance Critical Illness Insurance Creditor Insurance Group Insurance
President & CEO
Paul Mahon

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    Examples of Canada Life Insurance Quotes

    Here are a few examples of Canada Life Insurance quotes (as of December 2018). Please consider that these are approximate rates.

    Term 10,
    Coverage $100,000
    Male, non-smoker
    $ per month
    Female, non-smoker
    $ per month
    30 years old$10.62$7.38
    35 years old$10.98$8.46
    40 years old$12.15$11.16
    45 years old$16.29$12.51
    50 years old$22.86$17.19
    55 years old$35.01$27.18
    60 years old$56.43$42.48
    65 years old$96.75$68.76
    Term 20,
    Coverage $100,000
    Male, non-smoker
    $ per month
    Female, non-smoker
    $ per month
    30 years old$12.06$10.44
    35 years old$13.41$11.70
    40 years old$17.82$14.13
    45 years old$26.64$19.08
    50 years old$41.67$29.88
    55 years old$70.47$48.06
    60 years old$120.96$80.82
    65 years oldN/AN/A
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    Canada Life Insurance: Overview

    Canada Life Insurance Company of Canada, similar to other Canadian life insurance companies, offers numerous products targeting clients with various insurance needs.

    Though LSM Insurance is not directly affiliated to this insurer, our experienced life insurance brokers have access to products and quotes of over 20 Canadian insurers similar to the ones provided by Canada Life Insurance Company such as term life insurance quotewhole life insurance quoteuniversal life insurance quotedisability insurance quotecritical illness insurance quoteno medical life insurance quotelong-term care insurance quotegroup benefits and others.

    Canada Life, a subsidiary of The Great-West Life Assurance Company, offers its customers a variety of insurance and investment products for both groups and individuals. One of Canada Life’s most interesting products is Participating Life, insurance which combines life insurance protection with a tax-advantaged investment component; as long as premiums are paid it guarantees a high level of protection throughout one’s whole life.

    The company also offers term life and universal life protection. Their Universal Life plan has multiple cost of insurance (COI) options, including increasing, level and limited pay COI. Canada Life is a leading provider of health insurance solutions, including a wide variety of critical illness and disability insurance solutions.

    Canada Life is the leading provider of Credit Insurances where customers can insure their mortgages and loans throughout a number of products tailored to their individual needs.

    LSM Insurance is an Independent Life Brokerage celebrating 25 years in Canada. We are contracted with Canada Life Insurance and over 15 leading life insurance companies in Canada, helping make sure you get the best plan at the best price.

    Canada Life Insurance Products

    Explore the company’s plans that offer a range of benefit and premium options to choose from:

    1. Canada Life Lifestyle Protection
    Interested to see how Canada Life Insurance Company of Canada rates compare with others?

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