Mathieu LeBlanc


Mathieu LeBlanc

Mathieu LeBlanc, is a dedicated professional with an unwavering passion for all things underwriting and insurance. He brings with him a distinguished track record in the insurance and reinsurance industry.

In his early years as an underwriter he completed the FALU, FLMI, FLHC, CLU, CHS, PCS and ARA designations and has never looked back since. After rapidly rising through the ranks, eventually becoming an underwriting director at one of the main reinsurers on the Canadian market, he embraced entrepreneurship and in 2018 established an independent consulting firm, Mathieu LeBlanc Consulting Inc. This venture has allowed him to provide tailored solutions to carriers navigating the complex world of underwriting, transforming risk management practices, working on some of the most complex cases on the market, all while providing valuable mentoring to many underwriters and insurance sales professionals along the way.

His knack for detail-oriented analysis, creative thinking and a client-centric approach has made him a trusted advisor on all lines of individual insurance business (life, critical illness, disability and health). Deeply aware of the ongoing technological revolution in the insurance industry, with automated systems, algorithms and machine learning at the forefront, he remains committed to preserving the irreplaceable human touch in an increasingly automated world.

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