Any Occupation Definition for Disability Insurance

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Any occupation means
permanently disabled.

The ‘Any Occupation’ disability insurance classification is the least liberal, and generally the least expensive, type of disability insurance. A typical ‘Any Occupation’ definition may read as follows:


Total disability means that, due directly to injury or sickness, the insured is unable to perform the important duties of any gainful occupation for which he/she is reasonably qualified, based on his/her education, training, or experience, and the insured is receiving the appropriate care and attendance of a physician who is licensed to practice in Canada.”


The ‘Any Occupation’ definition of disability asks the question: Could the insured work in his or her own occupation or another gainful occupation? If the answer is no, then the insured is considered totally disabled. Although there are policies that feature the any occupation definition from day one, it is primarily found as the second part of a limited regular occupation definition.

For example, many group plans offer a ‘Regular Occupation’ definition for the first two years of the plan, and then switch to any occupation definition.

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