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In a turbulent market is a Guaranteed Minimum Withdraw Plan the perfect solution?

  It’s no secret the stock markets are way off. The Dow Jones is under 8000 knocking off 8 years of progress. On the other hand, life insurance companies offer guaranteed investment policies. Sounds like the perfect solution… Life insurers have long guaranteed to return 75 per cent of a person’s original capital after 10...
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LSM 4 Day Work Week Featured in Globe and Mail

Our campaign for the 4 day work week turned up in the Globe and Mail last week as full page article in the business section. We were honoured that they chose Jack and Lorne as the lead photo. We were also thrilled to see that other companies are moving to a four day work week...
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What happens if my life insurance company goes bankrupt?

Life insurance companies have been front page news the last week. American International Group (AIG) one of the world’s largest life insurance companies has had three quarters of staggering housing-related loses and it has lost over 90% of its stock price. Many policyholders of AIG and other insurance companies are asking the questions how safe...
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AIG is now BMO:Five reasons to stick with AIG Life

American International Group (AIG) has been front page news the last few days. The company has had three quarters of staggering housing-related loses and it has lost 90% of its stock price. The questions many AIG Life of Canada policyholders are asking – how safe is my life insurance policy? Comments from AIG Canada’s President...
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Six key traits of a successful insurance broker

The insurance business is filled with opportunity. But this fact is tempered by the reality that over 80% of new brokers leave the industry within their first 12 months. Why is it so? What does it take for a new broker to succeed in insurance? Determine if you are ripe for success in this industry!...
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4 Day Work Week on front page of Markham Economist

  An exciting day. I woke up to see our 4 day work week on the front page of the city newspaper, The Markham Economist and Sun, with my picture. It looks like my cover as a normal Markham family guy has been blown. Next thing you know I’ll be stopped for impromptu insurance sessions...
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Canadian insurers welcome competition report

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) welcomes the Competition Policy Review Panel’s report, Compete to Win. "The life and health insurance industry is pleased that the report recognizes that it is vital for Canada to enhance its competitiveness both domestically and internationally," said Frank Swedlove, President of the CLHIA in a press release....
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Life Insurers Applaud Industry Committee Report

House of Commons – by Simon Starr The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) applauds the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology on its report on Canada’s service sector, The Goods on Services. "The life and health insurance industry strongly supports the recommendations of the Committee. They have recognized the...
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Which health and dental plan is best for you, individual or group?

The Canadian employment landscape is changing. Most people no longer work for large corporations or the government. More Canadians either work on contract or are in business for themselves. They must decide what type of health and dental coverage is best. Let’s have a look at advantages and disadvantages of both individual coverage and group...
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Why choose LSM Insurance for your employee benefit needs?

Group insurance plans offer a full range of options. Deciding on the right benefit plan starts with choosing the right broker. The following are five reasons why LSM Insurance is the right choice for your company’s group benefit needs. Extensive experience – Our brokers have almost thirty years of experience in the group...
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LSM Insurance featured in the April 2008 Insurance Journal

          LSM Insurance was quoted again in the Insurance Journal. This time, we talked about seg funds’ reset option, which allows clients to change their investment’s guaranteed value to keep pace with market value. You can read the whole article if you click the above pictures, but here is also a short excerpt from the...
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Canada Life’s Achiever Whole Life plans

Canada Life offers two participating whole life policies: Estate Achiever, which aims to maximize the insured’s estate, and Wealth Achiever, which focuses on cash accumulation. Unlike non-participating whole life policies, participating whole life policies pay a dividend based on the profits of the company. They offer guaranteed premiums and lifetime protection, though the dividends are...
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