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Get your client a discount on insurance

November 30, 2011

InsurEye in MoneySense

Everyone likes a deal. When laundry detergent is on sale, you stock up because you know you’lleventuallyneed it. The same could be true of life insurance, and your client could benefit from a volume discount by buying more. Cost-of-insurance calculations can sometimes produce a “club pack” discount effect. Not only could a larger policy cost less per $1,000 in coverage, but it could also carry a lower overall premium.

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Exploring Alternative Life Insurers

November 8, 2011

In its October issue, The Insurance And Investment Journal published an article about new potential insurance products that should help to face the rising COI pricing increases. LSM Insurance was asked to provide independent opinion. Markham-based brokerage firm believes smaller insurers can offer interesting alternative. "Union of Canada is one company that we started to do some work with. They have a pretty unique Term 100 product. It basically gives the insured the level premiums for

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Insurance and Investment Journal: Embracing Young Clients

August 17, 2011

This article was published in July's Insurance and Investment Journal Embracing young clients When Lorne Marr began his career at metropolitan Life Insurance Co. of Canada 18 years ago, he spent a full year cold calling. He approached former fellow students, friends and colleagues, and built up a clientele of young professionals. "I knew a lot of young people just starting their careers like myself," he said in a recent interview.

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Lorne Marr and Friends Help Raise Over $1,400 for Epilepsy

August 12, 2011

Lorne Marr and friends take a break from the action. On Friday, August 13, 2011, founder Lorne Marr and the team from LSM Insurance took to the diamond for a very special baseball game. They ran the bases and hit it out of the park for a very important cause. Care-Alive (The Caroline Cunningham Foundation for Epilepsy) was started in 2009 by the friends and family of Caroline Cunningham after her death from Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) at the age of 32.

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Key person insurance an overlooked opportunity |

July 14, 2011

InsurEye in MoneySense

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the economy, creating businesses, jobs and economic activity from scratch through a combination of hard work and ingenuity. But too often the companies they start and the jobs they create are at risk of destruction, if the entrepreneur is not properly insured.

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LSM Insurance on

July 7, 2011 Logo We are proud to share with you that LSM Insurance now has its place on If LSM Insurance is "your fave" as well, please visit and let everyone know what you think about us. We'll be very happy to hear from you. Alternatively, you can leave us a comment on our website or contact us directly here.

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Critical Illness Insurance vs. Disability Insurance: Why You Need Both

May 8, 2011

Critical Illness Insurance vs. Disability Insurance: Why You Need Both? In a previous post, we explained why critical illness insurance is now equal in importance to life insurance when it comes to inoculating yourself against the financial hardships that come with any critical illness diagnosis. A diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, stroke, or any other of the 20 to 25 illnesses a critical illness insurance plan typically covers, means a lump sum payment between $10,000 and $2

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Why Critical Illness Insurance is Just as Critical as Life Insurance

April 28, 2011

The Canadian Cancer Society will tell you that one in four Canadians is expected to die from cancer and that cancer is the leading cause of premature death in this country. If that weren't enough, 40% of women and 45% of men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime

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Insurance coverage critical for homeowners’ peace of mind

March 30, 2011

A mortgage on a home is one of the largest debts incurred by most Canadians, and needs to be taken very seriously. Mortgage holders may want to take measures to protect their family home in the event that payments cannot be met due to death, illness, or disability

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The Insurance Journal: Low interest rates drive up prices

February 23, 2011

InsurEye in MoneySense

LSM Insurance was featured in February issue of The Insurance Journal. Enjoy the article!

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Profit Magazine: The Wealthy Entrepreneur

February 21, 2011

10 essential strategies for every business owner who wants to be rich and stay rich Profit Magazine in their March edition published a handy checklist of wealth-management moves for entrepreneurs, explaining why, when and how to make each one. LSM insurance was included! By Julie Cazzin, February 16, 2011 in

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February 1, 2011

InsurEye in MoneySense

Soft drugs, such as marijuana and hashish do not mix well with each other, nor with traditional life insurance. Hard drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, make for an even tougher combination. The considerations go beyond definitions of legality and extend to the insurers’ risk management processes, explains LSM Insurance, one of the most renowned brokerages in Canada, with over 50 years of combined insurance experience. The chances of obtaining traditional life insurance vary

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