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Disability insurance could protect you during a pandemic

We are living through a period of unprecedented stress, uncertainty and no one knows for certain what tomorrow will bring. As Lorne Marr, Director of Business Development at Hub Financial and founder of said to me, ” the pandemic has magnified the need for income protection as most Canadians simply do not have the...

BRIEF-Hub International Acquires Ontario-Based LSM Insurance Services


If you’re unsure about something, ask your insurer and get your response in writing

The best advice if you’ve got vacation plans is to call your insurer and explicitly ask about coronavirus risk regarding trip cancelation and medical coverage

Life insurers leery of covering Canadians with new coronavirus until more is known

Some companies say they would outright deny coverage to anyone who has contracted the disease, while others would offer coverage with conditions

Vaping, cannabis push Canadian insurers to re-evaluate coverage radically from just a few years ago

The insurance industry has a new approach to cannabis, and vaping of tobacco and cannabis products…