Critical Illness and Disability Insurance Tips

According to Canadian Worker’s compensation statistics, approximately one million people are injured on the job and thousands more become sick or diseased by their work. Then there are those who are taken from the workforce by non-work-related injuries.
Depending on the definition of disability chosen by the insured, they may receive payments to recover their lost income due to total or partial disability and whether they are unable to work at their primary occupation before the injury or whether they can work at another secondary occupation. Obviously, it’s more advantageous to receive payment regardless of whether you can still work at “any occupation.” This is the Gold Standard of disability policies.
Critical illness insurance on the other hand, offers a lump sum payment to those diagnosed with qualifying critical illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis and ALS. This payment can be used for treatment, to replace your income, a family vacation or anything else the insured may like. An apt solution, given that the diagnosis of a critical illness can reduce a person’s income by at least $12,000.
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How much more is disability insurance than Critical Illness. I’m 42 and in very good health but have some family history issues not sure what kind of impacvt thsi has on things


I am interested in Critical Insurance, Short Term and Long Term disability insurance.
Is there a tool that I can use to get quotes ?


Hello. I’d like some info on disability insurance that would cover a pre-existing health condition. The policy would be for my husband who is 32 and extremely healthy but has a condition which affects his vision and required a cornea transplant in one eye 1.5 years ago.