IA Excellence Life Insurance Company

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President: Antoine Ponce

AM Best Rating: Not Rated

Total Assets: $205.3 million

Net Income: $5.25 million

Net Premiums: $54.85 million

Financial Size Category: n/a

FSR Outlook: n/a

Best’s Issuer Credit Rating: Not Rated

ICR Outlook: n/a

As of Date: n/a

Organization Type: Stock

Specialty Lines of Business: Life Insurance, Accident & Sickness

Marketing Type: Broker


The Excellence Life Insurance Company
5055 Métropolitain Blvd. East, Suite 202
Montreal, Quebec
H1R 1Z7

Toll Free: 1-800-465-5818
Phone: 514-327-0020
Fax: 514-327-6242
Toll-free: 1-877-553-6242

Web Address: www.iaexcellence.com
Email Address:

*Info courtesy of the AM Best Key Ratings Guide 2013.

Founded in 1963, Excellence was an independent insurance company based in Montreal until it was acquired by Industrial Alliance in 2007. Since then the company has been able to expand to the Atlantic provinces, but this continued growth has not impacted their primary mission of client satisfaction.

In a four-pronged approach of developing products, maintaining close ties with their distributors, ensure sound management and investing in their employees they’ve been able to carve their own place in the life and health insurance arena. The company specializes in disability, loan, life accident and health insurance.

LSM Insurance is an independent Life Insurance Brokerage and is Not Directly Affiliated to IA Excellence Life Insurance Company.

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  1. Susanna 12/07/2012 at 2:02 am

    Please explain the item of Premiums are non-guaranteed.
    Does that mean for T10;premium will increase in every 10 years? During the 10 years premium are same price?
    If T75 policy are bought, does it mean that premium will be level(same premium) until age 75?

  2. LSM Insurance 12/07/2012 at 12:27 pm

    For a Guaranteed Term to 75 the premiums are guaranteed to age 75.

    A non guaranteed premium generally means the premiums can be adjusted upward or downward on a class wide basis.

  3. sukhjeet k sidhu 12/19/2012 at 4:20 pm

    please send me password for sign in. my agent code is 11306.

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