Life Insurance Needs Analysis: How Much Insurance Do You Need

STEP 1: Assets and life insurance
Liquid assets
(Cash on hand, GICs, RRSPs and other investments)
Other disposable assets
(Rental property, cottages, farm or business assets)
Total amount of existing life insurance policies
(include group insurance, personal insurance, mortgage insurance)
STEP 2: Liabilities and cash needs
Total mortgage amounts owing
(Residential, commercial etc.)
Total of loans and other debts
(such as bills and credit cards)
Final expenses
(funeral expenses, lawyer fees, income and capital gains taxes)
Education fund
(we suggest a minimum of $10,000 per child per year of schooling)
Other cash needs
(emergency fund, child care, aging parents, etc.)
STEP 3: Income needed by your survivors in the event of your death
Annual income to provide for your survivors
(70% of current income is often selected)
Approximate number of years income is to be provided
Annual rate of return on investments
(before taxes)
US Life Insurance Quotes available.

life insurance testimonials
I first heard of LSM shortly after I was declined for life insurance due to diabetes. A change in lifestyle and LSM Insurance team helped me get a terrific plan. (1 of 84)

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