AXA Group


This is the name of insurance companies independently organized under the AXA Group, with headquarters in Paris.

Due to this fact, it’s difficult to trace their individual histories. We can mention Ancienne Mutuelle, an insurance company based in France, as a leading force from 1958, however, the pivotal year was 1985, when AXA Group was formed from Mutuelles Unies/Drouotthe.

The name “AXA” was chosen after a long discussion and actually doesn’t mean anything – it’s just an easy to pronounce international word.

AXA is active in approximately 80 countries, with 174,935 employees worldwide (63% in Europe). The AXA Group of companies are engaged primarily in insurance, as well as investment management. It’s symbol is the Switch, which is the red diagonal line in the AXA logo.


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