Term Life Insurance Tips

  1. Term Insurance - Specific pitfalls to look out for
    Shopping for Life Insurance is like shopping for any other item. It has to serve the intended purpose, to fit comfortably, and to be within your budget.

  2. A Closer Look: Term 20 Life Insurance
    Just because Term 20 Life Insurance policies are generally straightforward, doesn't mean there aren't some nuisances.

  3. Be Careful When Replacing Your Life Insurance
    The life insurance business has some minuses. Here are six questions you should ask yourself before replacing an existing life insurance policy with a new one.


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Hi chantal
Ian 57 years old on high blood pressure
I have 400,000 of term and 30,000 of Ul life
Insurance the term policy will be expired in 2018
So I considering buying some more life or term now maybe 70,000 life and 150,000-200,000 term
Is this a good idea What do you recommend
Want to leave money for my Children young adults
and I have grandchildren also
Ps reply soon