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CBC News: Jack Bendaham Talks about Ved Dhingra Case

August 30, 2012

InsurEye in MoneySense

Jack Bendahan You may remember the story of Ved Dhingra, a mentally ill man from Toronto who killed his own wife, Kamlesh Dhingra, back in 2006 by battering her with a religious marble statue and then stabbing her to death. Two years later, the 66-year old Dhingra was found not criminally responsible for the murder because of his schizoaffective disorder, a mental disorder that combines schizophrenia and a mood disorder (severe highs and lows, mania and depression).

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Mentally ill man, Crown battle for slain woman’s insurance payout | CBC News

August 16, 2012

InsurEye in MoneySense

The case of a mentally ill Toronto man who killed his wife and was awarded a $51,000 payout on her insurance policy has torn his family apart, sparked a public outcry and prompted the Ontario attorney general to take the unusual step of trying to seize the insurance money as the unlawful proceeds of a crime.

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Life Insurance for Canadians who Speak Hebrew

July 25, 2012

Toronto has Canada's largest Jewish community, followed closely by Montreal and Vancouver. There are approximately 105,765 Jews living in Toronto, and an increasing number of them speak Hebrew outside of worship. With that in mind, LSM Insurance has chosen to employ a Hebrew-speaking insurance broker dedicated to serving Toronto's vibrant Jewish community and those who have immigrated from Israel. Our brokers speak a variety of languages, including English, French

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LSM in May 2012 Insurance Journal

May 23, 2012

An appeal from sales managers: too much money is being left on the table. Cross sell. Built with life insurance and investments and then follow through with living benefits. One sale can lead to another

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Insuring seniors costly but worth it

March 14, 2012

It’s a well understood truth that the best deal on life insurance can be had when the client is young and in relatively good health. But just because the premiums on seniors are much higher, the need for insurance in your golden years may still make it a good deal. There’s no shortage of worst-case scenarios, ranging from larger-than-expected tax liabilities to the failure of a pension plan. Even good news can sometimes conspire against the client: with longer life

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Group Critical Illness Insurance: a Trend Towards More Competitive Products

February 26, 2012

LSM Insurance Journal Feb 2012 Group CI 1

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