Acquisition of AXA Life Insurance Inc.

Posted on March 30, 2012 and updated October 15, 2012 in AXA Insurance, Canadian Life Insurance Companies, Life Insurance Canada News 3 min read

SSQ Life Insurance Company Inc. has purchased AXA Life Insurance Inc. The transfer took place in January 2012 with SSQ Insurance Company Inc. becoming the new name chosen for the subsidiary.

In accordance with the agreements between SSQ Life Insurance Company Inc. and AXA Insurance Inc., and as approved by the regulatory authorities, all activities of AXA Life Insurance Inc. will still continue under the new name.

All contracts held with AXA Life Insurance Inc. by clients, group insurance brokers, and financial security advisors will remain unchanged. Furthermore, the guarantees and rights stipulated in these contracts will continue to be upheld.

The contact details for SSQ Insurance Company Inc. will remain the same as those for AXA Life Insurance Inc.:

SSQ Insurance Company Inc.
2020 University Street, Suite 1800
Montreal QC H3A 2A5