Equitable Life Announces Improvements to Equiliving Critical Illness Product

Equitable Life now
offers Critical Illness
for Children as part
of their Equiliving policy

Equitable Life has announced improvements to their Equiliving Critical Illness Policy as of July 25.

Now, policyholders will enjoy an increase of 15% to the payout of the Early Detection Benefit to a new maximum of $50,000. They will also receive a simplified return-of-premium on Surrender Riders. In addition, the return-of-premium on death rider is now an optional part of the plan, allowing insured individuals greater flexibility in creating a plan that fits their current circumstances.

An added bonus gives policyholders the ability to protect their families like never before. Equiliving Critical Illness Policies are now available to children between the ages of 30 days and 17 years and now covers five childhood illnesses.

For information on the Equiliving Critical Illness Policy and other Living Benefits insurance policies in Canada, please call us 1-866-899-4849 or visit our Critical Illness Insurance Quote Page.

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