Empire Life’s Term 100 Policy

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Empire Life Term 100 policies are available with or without cash values.

These are some additional features of the policy:

* It is available throughout Canada.
* Issuing ages are 0 to 85.
* It Uses age nearest pricing
* The policy fee on the plan is $60.00 per year, but if the insured has an existing policy with Empire, the policy fee is reduced to $30.00 annually.
* The minimum face amounts of $25,000 or $500 of annual premium.
* The policy is available on a Joint first-to-die or last-to-die basis or on a multi-life basis.
* There are no preferred rates on the policy.

Below is an example of the pricing for a 60-year-old male non-smoker.  (the premiums and features of this policy have changed since this article was written)

$100,000 No Cash Value – $205.00 a month

$100,000 With Cash Values – $217.98 a month – cash value activated in year 20 – $32,300

Paid-up life insurance value in year 20 – $54,576

For more details, you can contact us at 1-866-899-4849, or visit our Whole Life Insurance Instant Quote Page.

LSM Insurance
LSM Insurance

Guaranteed cash values can be withdrawn on surrender. Guaranteed paid up values are a death benefit feature and can not be withdrawn.


Can I withdraw my Guranteed paid up value if I cancel my life insurance. Kindly reply.

LSM Insurance
LSM Insurance

Thanks for the note. You would have to check the policy for the exact wording. But Term 100 policies have level premiums for life. Some policies have a cash value – this is the cash value should you surrender the plan. The Guaranteed Paid Up Value is the amount of insurance you would have paid up if you stopped making premium i.e. you would be covered for this amount for life without paying anything more into the plan.


My husband and i have solution 100 since 1995. Not really sure how it works. Would really like to understand it. Is this a term life insurance. Don’t understand the return of premium value or the GTD paid-up value figures.