Desjardins’ Universal Life Plan: Competitive at Most Age Levels


Desjardins Insurance’s universal life plan has flexible premiums, and the investment accounts grow on a tax-sheltered basis; depending on the investment vehicle, funds can be withdrawn at any time. The investment account is paid on top of the face amount tax-free, and the funds within the investment account can be used as an emergency fund, to supplement the applicant’s retirement needs, or to offset future premiums.

Their universal life plan is available in face amounts as low as $25,000 of coverage, and has several available add-on coverage options, including disability insurance, accidental death or dismemberment coverage, accidental fracture coverage, coverage for the insured person’s children, guaranteed insurability, and a premium waiver in the event of disability. Unlike their term portfolio, preferred rates are not available on the universal life plan.

Their rates are competitive at most age levels. As an example, a 45-year-old male non-smoker who applies for $250,000 of universal life level cost coverage would pay a minimum premium (i.e., the premium to keep the plan in force) of $180.30 per month.

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