Eric Watchorn

Eric Watchorn

Eric’s Background

Eric is a President of Watchorn Risk & Wealth Management Corporation, Award Winning Advisor, and Corporate Financial Coach. He offers a professional focus for his clients in order to encompass both their Personal & Business Risks.

Being a family man, and a father, has helped him realize personal risks that must be considered and addressed for any serious long-term financial activity. His business risk management approach has therefore also always been in tandem with any personal variables.

His experience as a trader, international educator, business owner and fund manager has helped him actively manage multiple risk scenarios in the markets simultaneously. He has spent time on the NYSE floor; enjoyed membership with the NASD; and has worked with the most liquid trading firms in the world through several market adjustments. This experience has helped his perspective in managing actions as well as perspectives in any market environment.

In an uncertain world, his goal is to assist his clients in creating financial safety, balance, long-term tax optimization and this without missing out on market generated opportunities.

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