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Assumption Life’s Universal Life program (referred to as Odyssey) is available to applicants aged 15 to 80—the older issue limit is nice a feature. The plan does share many of the advantages available on other universal life policies, such as flexible premiums, multiple cost of insurance, and death benefit options.

The pricing on the plan is very good in applicants age 40 and under but less competitive in the older age brackets. Examples of this are below:

30 Year old Male Non smoker $250,000 Universal Life – Level Cost

  • Assumption Life $71.45 minimum monthly premium
  • Industrial Alliance $81.25 a minimum monthly premium
  • Standard Life $93.54 a minimum monthly premium

60 Year old Male Non smoker $250,000 Universal Life – Level Cost

  • Manulife $449.42 minimum monthly premium
  • Empire Life $492.83 minimum monthly premium
  • Assumption Life $526.69 minimum monthly premium

Many of their investment accounts have performed well, but their selection is limited when compared with AIG and Manulife’s universal life programs.

One huge plus is their Universal Life plan has a built guarnateed cash surrender value they are one of the few companies to offer this.  This means the policy has a built in cushion if the insured ever needs to miss a premium.

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  1. Daulat 10/28/2012 at 12:33 am

    What is the base maximum for a 73 yr old non-smoker femaile

  2. LSM Insurance 10/28/2012 at 1:04 pm

    Thanks for the note. Unfortunately this plan is no longer available. We are happy to help out with another Assumption Life product quote or a Universal Life plan from another carrier.

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