UL Mutual Company

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President & CEO: Jacques Desbiens

AM Best Rating: Not Rated

Total Assets:  $1.7 billion

Net Income: $16.4 million

Assets Under Management: n/a

Net Premiums Written:  $121 million

Mutualists Equity: $178.9 million

Number of Insureds: 300,000

Financial Size Category: n/a

FSR Outlook: n/a

Best’s Issuer Credit Rating: n/a

ICR Outlook: n/a

As of date: n/a

Organization Type: Mutual Company

Specialty Lines of Business: Annuities, Life, Living Benefits, Investment, Retirement

Marketing Type: Broker

Life Insurance Product Portfolio: Non-participating and limited-pay whole life, Year-to-term cost of insurance, term-to-100, term life.

Living Benefits Product Portfolio: Critical illness, group benefits

Compliance Head: Eric Timmons

Privacy Policy: http://www.uvmutuelle.ca/uv/legal_notice.html

UL Mutual Head Office
142 Heriot
P.O. Box 696
Drummondville (Quebec)
J2B 6W9

 Claims Inquiry Phone: 1 800 567-0988
Fax: 819 474-1990

Web Address: www.uvmutuelle.ca
Email Address: Use the form on their website under e-mail.

*Info courtesy of A.M. Best 2013 Key Reference Guide and UL Mutual’s 2012 Annual Repot.

UL Mutual is a mutual insurance company serving Quebecers since 1889. The company has also been present in Ontario and New Brunswick since 2004. UL Mutual’s financial condition is the envy of its rivals and its success is mainly thanks to its sound business management and a solid network of over 2000 independent financial security advisors.

UL Mutual distributes products that include life insurance and critical illness insurance as well as savings and retirement investment products. The company also offers solutions in the field of Group Insurance.

UL Mutual’s image is one of stability, durability and avant-gardism. It remains one of the last of Canada’s mutual insurance companies and its members have voting rights at its general meetings as well as the right to elect its board of directors.

UL Mutual is a member of Assuris which administers a guarantee fund established to protect policyholders in the event that their life insurance company should fail.

  • Over 7 billion dollars of life insurance in force
  • A solvency ratio of 300%
  • Over 200,000 insured members
  • Over 2000 independent financial security advisors

LSM Insurance is an independent Life Insurance Brokerage and is Not Directly Affiliated to UL Mutual Company.

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UL Mutual Company Policies


1. Great Term 10 and Term 20 rates

2. Preferred rates on Term policies and plans are guaranteed renewable and convertible


1. No disability insurance policies

2. No participating Whole Life Policies

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