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1990 rue Jean-Berchmans-Michaud Drummondville (Quebec) J2C 7G7
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Phone: 819 478-1315
Toll free: 1 800 567-0988
Fax: 819 474-1990
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Life Insurance products
Guaranteed issue life insurance, Simplified issue life insurance, Permanent life insurance / Whole life insurance, Term life insurance, Critical illness insurance, Insurance for children, Group insurance
President & CEO
Christian Mercier

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    UV Insurance: Background

    UL Insurance is a mutual insurance company serving Quebecers since 1889. The company has also been present in Ontario and New Brunswick since 2004. UL Insurance’s financial condition is the envy of its rivals and its success is mainly thanks to its sound business management and a solid network of over 2,000 independent financial security advisors.

    UL Insurance distributes products that include medically underwritten life insurance, no medical life insurance, critical illness insurance as well as savings and retirement investment products. The company also offers solutions in the field of group insurance.

    UL Insurance’s image is one of stability, durability and avant-gardism. It remains one of the last of Canada’s mutual insurance companies and its members have voting rights at its general meetings, as well as the right to elect its board of directors.

    UL Insurance is a member of Assuris, which administers a guarantee fund established to protect policyholders in the event that their life insurance company should fail.

    Though LSM Insurance is not directly affiliated to this insurer, our experienced life insurance brokers have access to the products and quotes from UV Insurance, along with over 20 other Canadian insurers offering products such as a: term life insurance[AS1]  quote, whole life insurance quote, universal life insurance quote, disability insurance quote, critical illness insurance quote, no medical life insurance quote, long-term care insurance quote, group benefits and more.

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    UV Insurance Products: Snapshot

    UV Insurance’s simplified and guaranteed life insurance products have some unique features. Here is a brief overview of coverages and types offered by these products. You can find out more about UV Insurance’ instant simplified life insurance, express simplified life insurance, and guaranteed life insurance by clicking the corresponding links. 

    Here is a quick product comparison.

    Products/Types of issueGuaranteedInstantExpressRegular
    Term life (10/20/30)N/AN/A$50,001 – $150,000$150,001 to 2M$
    Permanent Life$5,000 – $25,000$25,001 – $50,000$50,001 – $150,000$150,001 to 2M$

    Examples of some unique UV Insurance products are:

    • Adaptable, permanent life insurance with guaranteed cash values
    • AdapCI, Great Deluxe permanent CI product (24 + 4 conditions); also available for children (31 covered conditions)
    • A wide choice of insurance products for children
      • Juvenile 30/100 0-15 years old: simplified issue $100,000 life insurance + 9 critical illnesses covered at a rate of $15 / month
      • Early learning: 0-36 months: free-for-the-first-year, comes with a stuffed Koala toy
      • A long list or additional protections including a credit insurance rider available in simplified issue for a 2 year duration
    Interested to see how UV Insurance rates compare with others?

    UV Insurance Term Life Insurance: Snapshot

    UV Insurance offers have three different terms: Term 10, Term 20 and Term 30 with coverage limits from $50,000 up to $2,000,000. Special quotes are available for the customers who are looking for coverages above $2,000,000.

    Term life insurance products also exist as simplified issue with coverages ranging between $50,000 and $150,000.

    UV Insurance Whole Life Insurance: Snapshot

    UV Insurance has two whole life insurance plans

    1. Adaptable whole life insurance: Age: 0/18 up to 75 years old and coverages ranging between $5,000 and $2,000,000.
    2. Integral whole life insurance: Age: 18 up to 65 years old with coverages ranging between $5,000 and $2,000,000. It is a permanent life insurance product with reduced paid-up value and cash values.
    Interested to see how UV Insurance rates compare with others?

    How Does UV Insurance Save Its Customers Money?

    UV Insurance has two types of discounts listed below in more detail:

    1. $15 multi-contract discount is applied on all contracts (excluding the Juvenile 30/100) including the first contract
    2. When Juvenile 30/100 or Early Learning is sold: $25 + $50 + $100 fee refund on all eligible products

    If a member of the immediate family purchases another UV Insurance contract in the subsequent 12 months, the client gets a fee refund for the 1st year of the new contract of:

    • $25 on the 1st contract
    • $50 on the 2nd contract
    • $100 on the 3rd and additional contracts

    i.e.: 5 subsequent contracts = $375 fee refund.

    Interested to see how UV Insurance rates compare with others?

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