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    President: Richard Gagnon

    AM Best Rating: Not Rated

    Total Assets: $377.6 million

    Net Income: $3.4 million

    Net Premiums Written: $77 million

    Financial Size Category: n/a

    FSR Outlook: n/a

    Best’s Issuer Credit Rating: n/a

    ICR Outlook: n/a

    As of Date: n/a

    Organization Type: Mutual

    Specialty Lines of Business: n/a

    Marketing Type: n/a


    Humania Assurance Inc.
    1555 Girouard Street West, P.O. Box 10000
    Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
    J2S 7C8


    Web Address:

    Email Address:

    *Information courtesy of the AM Best Key Ratings Guide 2013.

    Celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2013, Humania’s founding goes back even further to 1874 when  L’Union Saint-Joseph de Saint-Hyacinthe was established. It was a fraternal benefit society that provided aid to widows and orphans. In 1938, it became a modern insurance company under the name La Survivance Compagnie Mutuelle d’Assurance Vie.

    Though the company has experienced significant growth over the years, their values — customer focus, empathy and humanity — remain the same. Hence the new name, Humania, with human as the root. Only the name has changed, it still has the same dedicated and customer-oriented staff, the same quality products, and the same client-focused business.

    Humania Assurance Inc. similar to other Canadian life insurance companies, offers numerous products targeting clients with various insurance needs. 

    Though LSM Insurance is not directly affiliated to this insurer, our experienced life insurance brokers have access to products and quotes of over 20 Canadian insurers similar to the ones provided by Humania Assurance Inc. such as term life insurance quotewhole life insurance quoteuniversal life insurance quotedisability insurance quotecritical illness insurance quoteno medical life insurance quotelong-term care insurance quotegroup benefits and others.

    News about Humania Assurance Inc.

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    Humania Assurance Policies

    1. A mutual company

    2. Recently launched a no medical life insurance plan with up to $300,000 of coverage.


    1. It’s more of a niche insurance provider, it’s less competitive on traditional whole life and universal life plans.

    2. It does not offer a long-term care plan.

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