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1920 College Avenue Regina, SK S4P 1C4
Phone Numbers
Toll Free: 1-800-265-2612
Phone: 519-824-4400
Fax: 519-824-0599
A (Excellent)
Financials (CAD Millions)
XI ($750 million to $1 billion)
Life Insurance products
Credit Insurance, Group Accident and Health, Individual Life Insurance
President & CEO
Kathy Bardswick

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    Hub Financial does not represent and is not affiliated with Co-operators Life Insurance Company.


    Co-operators Life Insurance Company, similar to other Canadian life insurance companies, offers numerous products targeting clients with various insurance needs.

    Though LSM Insurance is not directly affiliated to this insurer, our experienced life insurance brokers have access to products and quotes of over 20 Canadian insurers similar to the ones provided by Co-operators Life Insurance Company such as term life insurance quotewhole life insurance quoteuniversal life insurance quotedisability insurance quotecritical illness insurance quoteno medical life insurance quotelong-term care insurance quotegroup benefits and others.

    The Co-operators was founded by a group of Canadian farmers in 1945. Since then, it has grown to become Canada’s leading multi-product insurance company with the cooperation of ten like-minded organizations. They are a community-based organization with an emphasis on personal care and keeping in touch with clients.

    The company focuses on both individual and group insurance products, including a variety of life and health insurance, travel insurance, auto insurances, home insurance and special risk insurance. Special risk insurance is especially recommended for non-profit organizations that rely heavily on hosting special events to raise their funds.

    As the biggest farm insurance company, they know how important it is to meet each and every farmer’s specific needs by offering carefully developed products tailored to their unique requirements. They provide protection to over 47,000 farms throughout Canada.

    The Co-operators also provide a wide range of wealth management products, well-selected investments, and real estate management services for customers seeking financial management.

    Business owners are offered different coverages, various deductible amounts and policy limits to ensure safety and protection. All these services are available in over 600 locations across Canada. A local agent can offer professional advice and personal service. They also publish a newsletter to keep customers up-to-date with new products.

    Co-operators Life Insurance Company Policies

    1. They have a very competitively priced Term 25 plan.
    2. They offer preferred rates on their term policies and their plans are convertible and renewable.

    1. They use a captive Sales Force , meaning that their agents are limited to the products within the Cooperator’s line-up and the companies with which they have formed an alliance.
    2. Their Universal Life plan is not competitively priced at most price points and age brackets.

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