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New Testimonial from Yang Yang and Anna Yang

Recently the Yang Yang family (Yang and his wife Anna) were kind enough to send me a photo of themselves and their two lovely girls (even pictures can’t do justice to this adorable pair). I’ve included their photo on the testimonial section of the site along with an excerpt from one of their letters...
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Understand your contract!

  Buying life insurance is a prudent and selfless decision, but be sure that you fully understand the contract – its terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions – before you sign on the bottom line. The latest article in our life insurance tips section tells you about all the things to keep in mind when reviewing...
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April contest winner of iPod

I was delighted to receive a thank you letter fromApril iPod winner Falak Patel "I wanted to thank you for doing such a terrific job in servicing my family’s insurance needs. You made the entire process fun and easy and you gave us the best rate on the market I was also very pleasantly surprised...
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Life Insurance Prices and You

Do you think price is the only factor to consider when choosing the right insurance company? It’s a good reason, but price is not everything. We have just published two new articles in the life insurance tips section on this theme. The first one gives the low down on which insurance company to choose, and...
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Dr. Emilio Castaldi talks about his LSM life insurance experience

Recently I received a letter from Dr. Emilio Castaldi. I thought he might want me to call one of his friends on another referral. But instead he wrote me to thank me for his life insurance experience with us. I was thrilled to see what he had written. I would strongly recommend Lorne S. Marr...
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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance – What You Need To Know

There’s been a lot of hype around guaranteed issue life insurance, which offers coverage without medical exams and no pushy salespersons in the process. As always, some deals sound too good to be true. To get an insight into these policies, read our latest article about guaranteed issue life insurance and find out in which...
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New Article About Child Insurance

We have a new article in the life insurance tips section in which all the related things are discussed about life insurance for children. Does insuring your child’s life make any sense or is it more insurance company shenanigans preying on innocent families darkest fears?
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Empire Life Solution Series Life Insurance: Critical Evaluation

I’ve been reviewing Empire Life’s most recent term insurance revisions. They have made some positive refinements but in the end it’s a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. First here’s what Empire Life says about the policy: Empire Life Tweaks Its Solution Series Kingston, Ont.-based Empire Life Insurance Co. is changing its Solution Series...
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Insurance Makes No Sense: LSM Insurance quoted in November 2007 Money Sense Magazine

Every time you turn on the news you hear about people dying in accidents. So it’s no wonder that many of us buy accidental death insurance, either as a stand-alone policy, or as a rider on an existing policy. The insurance is designed to provide for your family should you be killed in a mishap,...
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A healthy workplace pays returns – LSM Insurance quoted in Insurance Journal again

When Professor Michael Leiter predicts a 10% return, he mean yield from a different investment than normally discussed by financial advisors, and when he mentions ‘resources’, he does not mean commodity investment or the mutual fund category. What he is referring to is the direct connection between a healthy workplace and efficient and motivated employees....
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