General Life Insurance Tips

  1. Corporate Owned Life Insurance
    Personally owned, or corporately owned, that is the question, especially if you're a business owner considering the purchase of life insurance.

  2. Should I buy term insurance or permanent insurance?
    Which life insurance is best, term or permanent? Many insurance and financial “experts” will give a uniform answer, but reality is not so simple.

  3. The Seven Deadly Sins of Life Insurance
    Why should you avoid accidental death insurance? Here is a list of seven 'deadly' life insurance sins you have to know of before signing a contract.

  4. Life Insurance - An Intangible Asset with a Tangible Effect
    The article describes the true value of life insurance. Giving an example of how life insurance impacted a young family.

  5. What is the Best Way to Buy Life Insurance in Canada?
    LSM Insurance will help you determine the best route for buying a life insurance policy.

  6. Which insurance company is the best for you?
    You would be surprised, but price is not the number one factor you should consider when choosing the right insurance company.

  7. Group vs. Individual Insurance
    We've outlined the difference between an optional group insurance policy and an individual life insurance plan.

  8. Association Based Life Insurance Plans for Doctors
    Doctors are often better off with Individual Life Insurance plans than association based plans.

  9. CAA Term Life Insurance: Not All It's Cracked Up to Be
    When it comes to CAA Term Life Insurance it's best that you don't believe the hype.

  10. Make Sure Family Gets Paid Life Insurance

    Making Sure Your Family Gets Paid
    You bought life insurance with the understanding that if you died your family would be protected. How do you make sure this happens? Understand your contract.

  11. Life Insurance for Small Children: Sensible or Silly?
    By insuring you newest addition at a very young age you create a safety-net against the child developing future health issues.

  12. Key Person Insurance
    Key person insurance can help preserve the value of your business and its continuation in the event of the death of a key stakeholder in the company.

  13. Using Life Insurance For Charitable Giving
    We're successful and we want to give something back to the less fortunate. Life insurance plans provide a way to give more than you thought was possible.

Paul Lawson
Paul Lawson

Can you let me know what the approximate renewal is on my policy. I do not see it in my document. It is a $300,m000 Term 10 plan with …. and I’m playing … a month


I’m looking for information about pre-paying my funeral costs. The funeral service I spoke to suggested I contact you or another such insurance company to get more information


My husband works for company who provides life insurance and extended benefits with Blue cross, he is thinking leaving the company, Just wondering if possible to continue the life insurance benefits and maybe extended benefits as well. Is it possible? what kind of cost we would be looking at .

milagros Sainis
milagros Sainis

Hi, I’m thinging to have a whole life insurance for me and my husband. Both of us are 66 years old and in good health.except he still smoke.Can you give me more info and also premium for another 30 years ?


Hi, Can I have some more information on life insurance?
Thanks … Dhurata.


Thank you very much. I look forward to your phone call.


hi please let me my mom born 10june 1935 she never had insurance before in her life my dad passed last year is very hard for family ,now she thinking for life insurance plaese give me more informashion
thanks ginger