Life insurance and Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Many of us have some pre existing medical conditions. While usually considered an obstacle, there are certain life insurance solutions available! Read more about various pre-existing medical conditions and possible insurance solutions. We welcome your questions about insurance and health issues!

  1. Life Insurance and Cancer – Many forms of cancer are very treatable in the early stages and insurance companies have adjusted their pricing accordingly.
  2. Cancer and Critical Illness Insurance – Cancer can be devastating not just because of the possibly fatal diagnosis, but also due to the often exorbitant costs of the medication used to treat it.
  3. Breast Cancer and Critical Illness Insurance – Of the 400 women polled, 80% say they have experienced some kind of financial hardship from the disease. You can mitigate this pressure.
  4. Diabetes – Getting insurance as a diabetic is difficult, but not impossible. Learn the seven variables insurance companies will consider when determining if you qualify.
  5. High Blood Pressure – High blood pressure will impact your premiums, but the news doesn’t necessarily have to be bad.
  6. Parkinson’s Disease – PD is an insurable illness especially in the early stages where there are minimal localized tremors and no treatments are required.
  7. Stroke – Traditional life insurance policies may or may not be available depending on the severity of the stroke.
  8. How to Still Qualify for Life Insurance After a Stroke – List of criteria an underwriter will use to asses your application.
  9. HIV or AIDS – Most traditional life insurance companies will not offer life insurance to people with HIV or AIDS. Still, there is hope.
  10. Smoker versus Non-Smoker – Smoking seriously affect insurance rates. See how. 
  11. Alcoholism – An alcohol addicted past is not necessarily a barrier to insurance – at least, not according to the underwriting guidelines of some insurers.
  12. Obesity – Obesity and the complications that go with it can have a direct impact on classification and ability to get life insurance.
  13. Life Insurance for Bodybuilders – Bodybuilders’ BMI (Body Mass Index) can confuse underwriters. Be careful with steroids too.
  14. Bariatric Surgery – Even with such an invasive surgical procedure, you can still get life insurance.
  15. Cosmetic Surgery – Applicants going for cosmetic surgery should still qualify for standard rates. However, these surgeries are treated as most other surgeries.
  16. Cocaine Use or Other Recreational Drugs – Former drug users and addicts  may find themselves looking for life insurance one day.
  17. Soft and Hard Drug Users – What is the difference between soft and hard drug users and the drug doses from the life insurance point of view?
  18. Cigar Smokers – Smoking rises premiums. But there is some good news. Most, but not all, life insurers still let you have the occasional large cigar.
  19. Cigar Smokers Insurance Questions & Answers – Series of Questions and Asnwers about smoking and life insurance.

Our Medical Tips and Guides:

  1. Get in Shape, Get Money Back – Many insurance companies are finally taking healthy lifestyle changes of their clients into consideration, allowing you to convert credit back and save some big bucks.
  2. Health and how to get a better deal on your Life Insurance? – Insurance is all about managing risk and taking precautions to ensure you live longer for the benefit of all involved.
  3. Medical Tests and Life Insurance – Numerous companies providing insurance products without a medical as a clever attempt at attracting prospective customers
  4. What Should I Do If My Application Is Declined? – Severals steps to counter life insurance application decline.
  5. Child Critical Illness – Critical illness is a difficult topic to speak about, when we think about kids. However, once needed, this policy can be very helpful.
  6. 7 Tips To Boost Your Health Condition Instantly – The condition of your health can be improved immensely without spending too much additional time or money.

Other Information About Insurability:

  1. Driving and Life Insurance – It may surprise you to learn that the mere fact you have a driver’s liscense can impact your qualification for life insurance.
  2. Scuba Diving – Life insurance policies for scuba divers can be issued standard, rated or declined depending on diving and other health considerations.
Janeth Richard
Janeth Richard

I would like to obtain an estimate for a 28 years old man with a preexisting condition named: Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1a. He is in stable condition. Please let me know the steps to follow.


what is issue date?


If I buy a life insurance policy, paying extra for my medical conditions, will there still be the 24 month exclusion if I die from the pre existing condition for which I am paying very high premiums???
Thank you
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