Motivational strategies for life insurance brokers

Motivation is usually the most vital trait of successful financial planners. The insurance industry (life, health, home, auto) can be very rewarding if you work smart and possess the drive to push matters forward.

  1. Motivational audio tapes/CDs – Motivational tapes and interviews with achievers are one of the best ways to kick-start your day. You can play them in your car while driving to the office or meetings with clients. Remember, enthusiasm is infectious – get infected, it works wonders.
  2. Goal-setting – Set clear goals to accomplish in the near future, and define actionable steps to achieve them. It can be anything from setting a target to speak to a certain number of clients, to developing and integrating new management strategies. Shortening your time-frame can help you focus on the most important aspects of your goals, and it will make progress tracking easier. Moreover, you will be seeing results on a day-to-day basis, which is motivating enough in itself.
  3. Rewards – One of the old-but-gold methods are rewards. Determine a meaningful reward for every milestone and goal you accomplish – something to look forward to, such as material items or travel.
  4. Professional press – Reading life insurance magazines/publications and keeping abreast of the newest business advances will provide the necessary drive for professional improvement. Who knows, you could be featured in the next issue.
  5. Books – There is an abundance of motivational and inspiring literature to peruse. A good book might provide you with fresh ideas to incorporate at work. It doesn’t necessarily need to be about life insurance – a well-written autobiography of a successful achiever in any field can provide the spark you need.
  6. Teamwork – Surround yourself with highly motivated people who are results-oriented. This can create an enormous boost for your personal work strategies. An office full of enthusiastic and driven workers with a great management team will multiply everyone’s results.
  7. Memories – Consider what your best professional moments have been, and visualize them in detail. You’ll find that simply taking five minutes to revisit past successes can remind you of why you started and what your goals were in the past. Don’t be surprised if your energy level soars after this simple exercise.
  8. Seminars – Attend seminars regularly. They are the best places to meet very motivated, skilled and accomplished brokers who are willing to share their ideas and experiences. It’s a good way to compare your results with others in your field. You’ll often learn that there’s much more room for success, and what it takes to get to that next level.

These are just a few key tips of the trade; I’m sure you will discover many more sources that will recharge your excitement, drive, and ultimately, greater success.