Life Insurance Underwriting Questions

When you apply for insurance or file a claim there’s on person standing in the way of approval—the underwriter.

In all cases, the decisions that determine your approval or decline come down to a number of variables that are not widely known by the general public… until now.

The LSM Insurance broker team has pledged to use their combined 80 years experience in the insurance to give you a leg up on what influences underwriter decisions these days, so you know going in the likelihood of your application’s approval.

An underwriter also has the power to determine how much you’re going to pay in premiums every month. Those in excellent health and with an excellent family health history can qualify for preferred rates, which can save them over 20% on their monthly premiums and LSM can explain in more detail how you can qualify for these special preferred rates.

It used to be that insurance companies took on all the risk associated with an individual policy, but now a reinsurance company shares the risk of an insurance policy, so you must meet the underwriting criteria of two different companies. Underwriting is getting more complex, so it’s getting more and more difficult to qualify for insurance. Add to that, the underwriting criteria for both insurance and reinsurance companies is
constantly changing and evolving, so it’s even more important that LSM Insurance help you get one step ahead of the underwriters and know what to expect from them when applying for insurance.

LSM Insurance is here to help and we believe that knowledge is power.  You can also call us at 1-866-899-4849 or visit our No Medical Life Insurance Quote Page.

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Can you get BMO Guaranteed Life Plan even for a client who was just declined for Cancer and can I see it with my BMO code


I was declined for life insurance early last year because of past drug use. I used marijuana a few months ago but just a one time thing. Can I get policy, I don’t want to get declined again.


Does the BMO Guaranteed plan I received info on in the mail insure someone who is 82 with Diabetes


Does BMO sell it Guaranteed Issue plan through brokers.

I have a client he wants to take the plan but prefers to buy the policy through me. My MGA was unsure. Thanks


Hi, I’ve noticed that I have a difficult time getting a good insurance rate due to a history of illnesses that run through my family. I know underwriting has a list of criteria, but how can I go about obtaining a good rate. Do I need to go to switch to a different broker who is well ahead of the underwriters?