Making a complaint

At LSM Insurance, we strive to serve our clients with the highest level of professionalism and advice. Please do not hesitate to reach us out if you ever had an unfavourable experience with any of our agents or representatives. We apologize for your inconvenience and promise to make things right.

Step 1:

If you are unhappy with service provided, we encourage you to reach out to us using the contact form below or, alternatively, you can do by mail, email, or phone. Please provide details of your complaint and we will get in touch with you to resolve the issue.

Complaint Form

    Alternatively, please contact us directly by mail, email or phone:

    Head Office Address:
    LSM Insurance
    3700 Steeles Ave West, Suite 1001,
    Woodbridge, ON, L4L8M9

    Phone: 1-866-899-4849 / 1-905-248-4849


    Step 2:

    If you have not been able to reach a resolution with LSM Insurance, you have the right to seek an Independent Third-Party Resolution:

    OmbudService for Life and Health Insurance (OLHI) 

    Address: 401 Bay Street, Suite 1507 P.O. Box 7,
    Toronto, Ontario M5H 2Y4

    Phone: 1-416-777-9002
    Toll Free: 1.888.295.8112 (Canada-wide)
    Fax: 416.777.9750