Desjardins Insurance Announces Rate Changes for its Permanent Products

Just like a spate of other insurance companies in these times of high interest rates, Desjardins Insurance is modifying its permanent insurance and critical illness insurance products.

But, unlike many of their competitors, Desjardins is not getting rid of its permanent insurance line-up all together. Instead, the average increase in permanent insurance rates will be between 5% and 7% on the following products:

  • MaxLife (T100)
  • Life 10
  • Life 20
  • Foundation (T100)
  • Precision 10
  • Precision 20

As for its permanent critical illness insurance plans, the increase is scheduled to be between 4% and 9% on the following products:

  • Harmony Term to Age 100 (T100)
  • Harmony Executive
  • Harmony Limited Pay 10
  • Harmony Limited Pay 20

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