BMO Critical Illness Insurance

BMO Insurance has five
critical illness plans

BMO insurance offers five Critical Illness plans. The minimum face amount for each of the five plans is $25,000. The maximum issue limit is $2 million for the first four plans and $1 million for their 15-pay Living Benefit 100 Critical Illness policy.

The first of the plans is their Living Benefit Term 10 plan, which offers level premiums for the first ten policy years and is convertible without a medical. The coverage is guaranteed renewable and terminates at age 75.

Then there is the Living Benefits Term 20 policy, where premiums are level for the first 20 years. The plan is guaranteed renewable and convertible, but the coverage terminates at age 75.

The third plan is Living Benefit Term to 75, which offers level premiums up to the insured’s 75th birthday, and then the coverage terminates.

In the fourth option, the Living Benefit Term 100 provides a level premium to age 100. Once the insured turns 100, the coverage terminates and the face amount becomes payable.

Finally, the 15-pay Living Benefit 100 provides a level premium and the policy is fully paid-up after 15 years. Once the insured has attained age 100, the coverage terminates and the face amount becomes payable.

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