Desjardins Financial: Increasing Rates on Permanent Life Insurance Policies

Posted on November 21, 2011 and updated November 30, 2011 in Desjardins Financial Security, Insurance Types, Life Insurance Canada News, Permanent Insurance 1 min read

Desjardins Financial will be raising the rates on its permanent life insurance policies as of November 24th, 2011, as a result of historically low interest rates.

The following products will increase in cost:

  • Life 10 and Life 20
  • Precision 10 and Precision 20 Universal Life
  • Foundation Term 100 Universal Life
  • Healthcare Advanced 65 Universal Life

In addition, Desjardins has harmonized their Life Start 15 plan with their Life 10 and Life 20 policies. This includes adjustments to premiums, cash-surrender values, policy fees, and rate reduction programs.

For more details on permanent life insurance in Canada, please contact us at 1-866-899-4849 or visit our Whole Life Insurance Instant Quote Page.