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Tamara Humphries was born in Sudbury, Ontario and has lived in many varied Ontario cities such as Kingston, Peterborough, London, Timmins, North Bay, Whitby and North York. Tamara was lucky enough to spend considerable time in nearly all of the cottage areas in this vast province, which gave her a deep appreciation for this country and all things Canadian.

But it’s not just her deep-seated passion for Canadiana that makes us proud, Tamara is also our Non-Medical Insurance Specialist. She finished the MBA program at York completing a double major in finance and marketing. In 1998, she completed the Certified Financial Planner designation and spent 12 years training and mentoring new advisors in the industry.

With her experience and vast knowledge, she’ll be able to introduce you to the Guaranteed Issue or Simplified Issue policy that’s right for you, especially if you are a person who may be difficult to insure.

Together with Tamara Humphries, LSM insurance can help those hard to insure in a variety of ways:

1. If you’ve already been declined for life insurance, we’ll be able to take a look at your current health history and your past applications to find the best fit for you from either traditional or non-medical life insurance carriers. Non-medical life insurance policies can either be Guaranteed Issue (no health questions and no medical tests) or Simplified Issue (no medical tests and only three to 12 health questions)

2. If you have a serious health issue, but have never applied for insurance, we can recommend — or determine — whether a non-medical or a traditional life insurance plan would be best. We often recommend applying for a Simplified Issue plan initially and then applying for traditional life insurance, once this is in place. If the traditional life insurance plan is approved, the insured can cancel their simplified issue plan. The reason this approach makes sense is, many simplified issue plans ask if the insured has been declined in the last two years.

3. If the insured’s health issues are less severe, we will be able to recommend the best traditional life insurance provider, i.e. many traditional life insurance carriers have different underwriting guidelines and protocols.

Tamara is also a graduate in physical and health education, so she is very interested in fitness, nutrition, well-being and leading an active lifestyle. When she completed her undergraduate degree she owned her own fitness studio and helped design the protocols that are used today to certify personal trainers. She has always been concerned with health and feeling good and realizes that financial health goes hand in hand with physical/emotional health and wellness. It’s this background, combined with her insurance sales experience, that makes her a formidable advocate for those facing health and lifestyle issues that may exclude them from traditional insurance policies. Not only can she put a non-medical policy in place, but she may also be able to advise clients on how to reverse their maladies and get them qualified for traditional insurance products much sooner than the average broker.

For more details, please contact us at 1-866-899-4849, or visit our online Non-medical Life Insurance Quote Page.

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