Long-Term Care Insurance: An Under-Served Market

Recent statistics compiled by the Life Insurance Marketing Research Association [Insurance Journal,  have shown that there were only 7,847 long-term care policies sold in 2008 – marking a decline compared to the previous year. In total, there were only 60,000 long-term care policies in-force in Canada at the end of 2008, accounting for $80 million in annual premiums.

Since there are 85,000 advisors licensed to sell insurance in Canada, the Journal’s stats reveal that the average advisor sells less than one long-term care insurance policy per year.

One reason for the low buy-rate could be the fact that Long-term Care costs are on the rise:

Extensive long-term care costs an average of $5,000/month in provinces where the care isn’t entirely subsidized by the government. Combine that with increasing cutbacks in service delivery nationwide, and the costs will only go up.

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