Desjardins: Group Benefit Plans that Work


Desjardins Insurance has been selling insurance plans since 1948 and  established a pedigree in group insurance, shortly after, in 1952. Its history has made it the number one insurance company in its home base of Quebec and helped them earn $93.4 million in group insurance sales during the first six months of 2009.

These group plans generally fall into the following three categories:

PremiumPlus: standard plan for groups of 3-50

Traditional Plans: the employer selects plan benefits for employees

Flexible Benefit Plans: designed to fit the needs of individual employees

Available coverage in all plans: extended health care benefit, dental care benefit, disability benefit, critical illness benefit, accidental death and dismemberment, basic and optional life insurance benefit. Plus, a vast range of complimentary services for group insurance plan administrators and members

Group insurance plans provide two key benefits to employers:

They contribute to employee satisfacition, which translates into more productivity.

They contribute to competitive job conditions, which helps the company hire and hold onto the best people in the field.

Lastly, from an employee’s standpoint, it protects quality of life and guards against life’s unforseen events.

For additional security and organization, Desjardins’ plans provide both employers and employees secured websites to help them manage their group insurance files.

You can get a free, online group insurance quote at our Group Insurance Instant Quote Page. If you would like more information on group insurance, feel free to call us at 1.866.899.4849.

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