Life Insurance and Marijuana

With change in marijuana policies in Canada in October 2018, Canadians who are 18 years of age or older would be will be able legally to possess or share with others a limited amount of legal cannabis. Furthermore they will be able to buy cannabis from provincially-licensed retailer or grow cannabis (in limited quantitates) at home and make products out of it.

That poses many questions from the insurance perspective that Canadians are asking. Here are answers to the key ones. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask them below and we will add them to the list together with a reply.

How do insurance companies treat marijuana patients?
I am an OCCASIONAL marijuana user – what will my life insurance rates look like?
How many joints can you consume per week and still be considered a non-smoker?
I am a DAILY marijuana user – what will my life insurance rates look like?
Can you ingest marijuana (i.e. edibles) and how much to be considered a non-smoker?
Am I tested for marijuana and other drugs when getting life insurance?
What questions related to marijuana will insurers ask me?
What companies sell life insurance to marijuana users?
What will change in the life insurance and marijuana topic as of October 2018?
I have been denied life insurance because of marijuana use – what can I do?