25 Sheppard Ave West, Suite 1400. Toronto, Ontario M2N 6S6
Phone Numbers
Tel: 1-888-393-1110
A.M. Best 2023: A
Financials (CAD Millions)
Total operating revenue 2022 (entire bank): $21.8B
Total operating revenue 2023 (entire bank):: $23.3B
Life Insurance products
Term Life Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
Accident Protection Plan
President & CEO
Victor G. Dodig

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    CIBC Insurance: Overview

    CIBC Insurance has been established as a subsidiary of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), the company was dedicated to providing a range of insurance products and services to complement the bank’s financial offerings.

    Today the company continues to be a provider of insurance solutions in Canada. It offers a portfolio of simple products, including life insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, travel insurance, and creditor insurance.

    Examples of Term 10, 20 Life Insurance Quotes from CIBC Insurance (2024):

    TERM 10 for 30 years old$15/month$12/month
    TERM 20 for 30 years old$20/month$15/month

    CIBC Insurance products’ pros and cons


    – Accessibility: Convenient to acquire, easy to get a quote, particularly for customers with existing banking relationships.

    – Wide Coverage of Injuries: Comprehensive protection against a wide range of injuries, ensuring thorough coverage for policyholders.


    – Limited Product Range: Lacks offerings of sophisticated products such as whole life, universal life insurance or disability insurance.

    Term Life Insurance: Overview

    Term lengths & issue agesFace amountsUnique featuresOptional benefits
    Term 10: 18 – 75
    (you have to be under 65 to apply)

    Term 20: 18 – 75
    (you have to be under 55 to apply)
    ⦁ Select the coverage amount you need from $50,000 to $5,000,000⦁ You have the option to receive 50% of your coverage amount up to $250,000 during your lifetime if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and have less than 12 months to live.⦁ You can choose who the benefit is paid to
    ⦁ The monthly premium is guaranteed for each term

    CIBC Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance: Overview

    Issue agesFace amountsUnique featuresOptional benefits
    ⦁ 40 – 74• From $5,000 to $25,000⦁ Your coverage will never change and your premium is locked in, as long as your smoker status remains the same
    ⦁ You will no longer be required to pay monthly premiums after you turn 95
    ⦁ Accidental Death Benefit
    ⦁ Guaranteed Insurability

    CIBC Accident Protection Plan: Overview

    Issue agesFace amountsUnique featuresOptional benefits
    ⦁ 18 – 64⦁ Coverage amounts in increments of $25,000 up to $200,000⦁ You can choose a daily coverage option paid to you in case of hospitalization⦁ Accidental Death Benefit
    ⦁ Guaranteed Insurability Option
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