Richard Parkinson

Richard Parkinson

Very sadly, Richard passed away in 2022, after a long fight with cancer. During his life time, he became a trusted insurance advisor to thousands of Canadians and an irreplaceable team member at LSM Insurance. He contributed, more than anybody, to the development of insightful content for our readers. He will be greatly missed by those who knew him and those whose lives he has touched. Our hearts go to his family and loved ones.

Richard’s background:

After a distinguished career in telecommunications that saw Richard travel the world leading seminars on the technical aspects of telephone networks and the internet, he began his life insurance career in 2003, initially with London Life, and ultimately as an independent broker, contracted with 24 companies, and licensed in 7 provinces plus YT. He was known locally as Mr. Spreadsheet for the many innovative Excel spreadsheets he has created, and to which he attributed many insights into the many plans available, not commonly known in the industry.

Personally, he was born and raised in BC, and resided in Langley BC, a suburb of Vancouver, with is wife of 51 years, father of three, with two grandsons. His main interests were in maths and science, which were surprisingly useful in helping grandsons with their homework, and problem solving. He also loved to talk about computers, and bought his first micro computer, the IMSAI VDP 80 in 1977, and had probably owned over 100 or more since then. He was most proud of his family and the close relationship they had. He had also authoured 11 articles published in FORUM Magazine, a magazine targeted at advisors rather than clients.

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