Paul Pinel

Paul Pinel

Paul’s Background

Life and health insurance coverages have always accomplished what fundraising sites like GoFundMe try to do today – protect the financial wellbeing and lifestyles of Canadians when it’s needed most. Unfortunately, surveys have shown that many clients are more confused after speaking with an advisor than they were before, and in the end, they aren’t motivated to secure the protection they want and need.

As VP Sales, Prairies at HUB Financial, Paul works with teams in AB, SK, & MB to provide advisors with tools and coaching that helps them motivate clients to take action through plain and simple conversations. With the HUB Resource Room his team has tools needed to help advisors build a successful and compliant practice.

He spends his days:
• Talking about a great industry to people who want a rewarding career helping others.
• Working with advisors to set short and long-term goals and then finding a path to get there.
• Honing advisor skills to make purchasing insurance easier and more attainable for Canadian families.

Away from work you’ll find him chasing around his two boys and chasing boys away from his little girl. He has finally settled on the idea that he will not be playing in the NHL or on the PGA tour, but he is still trying his best anyways. As an avid reader he loves to share and receive book recommendations, especially for those fond of personal improvement, history, and spooky fiction!

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