Alexey Saltykov

Alexey Saltykov

Alexey’s background:

Alexey is a co-founder and and CEO of InsurEye, the largest Canadian platform for insurance and finance product reviews.

He is also a Practice Leader for Digital Strategy at Burnie Group, a Toronto-based management consulting company. He also leads a Post-Merger Integration practice. He authored a number of articles including ones on IT Strategy, Digital Enablement, Chatbot Capabilities, such as

Prior to that Alexey worked for a management consulting company “The Boston Consulting Group” in various positions in Europe and North America. His areas of expertise industry-wise were Financial Services and Insurance. His main focus was on Strategy, Post-Merger Integrations, IT and Operations.

Alexey earned an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from the International Business School “College des Ingénieurs” (Germany, France, and Switzerland) and an MSc MechE degree in Product Development, Mechatronics, and the Astronautics from the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

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