David Hutchison

I have had the pleasure of working with Lorne, Chantal and the team of advisors and staff at LSM Insurance for over 4 years and have experienced their commitment to excellent service and dedication to providing solid financial solutions for their clients firsthand. In addition, the focus on giving back to the community highlighted by the LSM Lupus Bowl-a-thon, further showcases just how successful LSM Insurance is on all levels. Thank you for the pleasure of working with you all!

Wilhelmus William

We found our meeting with Aman Kapur from LSM Insurance to be very informative. Aman helped us in clarifying all our doubts and in answering all our questions about life insurance.

We were presented with several options and one of the options of a multi-layered term policy appeared perfect for us. We were very glad to have even received a rate reduction upon policy approval as opposed to what was initially quoted. We feel strongly that we would refer Aman Kapur’s services to people who we know is looking for life and health insurance.

Tim Landry

I have been in the insurance business for almost 45 years (since the end of October, 1969 – wonder how many of LSM’s crew were even born LOL). It is a pleasure to be involved with this firm. They are part of a TINY group of advisers who understand Living Benefits and actually work in that area.

They are true quality professionals who care about their clients and truly work for THEM. I can honestly say that – if you are looking for any product they sell, you should deal with LSM. Their true interest is YOU – their client. You will always be pleased with your choice

Joanne Sibbio

Jack’s story of how he got into the life insurance business brought tears to my eyes. Jack should be very proud of his accomplishments and I am very proud to have him as his life insurance agent.

Jack, thank you for your honesty and your time!


Michael Tourangeau

I have known Aman for around 4 to 5 years and have found my interaction with him very delightful. He has expressed genuine care in taking into account mine and my family’s insurance needs.

In his dealing with us, he has come across not as a sales person but as an individual who cares, who is sensitive towards our financial welfare both as an advisor and as a friend. I would like to have him meet, whenever possible, more people who he could help in their insurance needs!

Pastor Michael Tourangeau

Pastor Doug McClain

From our first meeting, I understood that Aman knows his profession that he represents. He is very thorough and explained the solutions really well in addressing my needs. I found him to be a good person to do business with- very friendly. He relates to people very well and I enjoyed his presence. I would consider Aman to be highly recommendable.

Pastor Doug McClain

Kumar Sinniah

We got talking to Aman while looking for life insurance. We wanted a detailed insight to the several options available to us. We found Aman very knowledgeable in the subject of insurance. As a broker he could explain the various products and plans to us.

More importantly, he also explained the entire process of getting insurance and underwriting to us. He is not pushy or in a hurry to sell anything. He focused on our needs and hence gave us a sense of comfort. We found him very friendly and well conversant. His knowledge and personality would encourage me to refer him to the people I know looking at life and health insurance options.

Jude Glen Fernandez

I felt very comfortable working with Aman. His knowledge on insurance was very impressive. He explained the options available in detail which made my selection process very easy.

I found Aman very friendly. I was very impressed with his demeanor and the patience he showed during the entire process. His follow-up was very effective and timely matching my needs. I would definitely refer him to other people.

Jude Glen Fernandez

Nicole and Vincent Moore

We found Aman a very courteous and a professional person. He was willing to meet us whenever we were available and that meant working around our busy schedules. Over the years as our needs have changed, Aman was able to offer plans matching the changing needs.

Patti Galbraith

Noor – thank you so much for your time and your patience and detailed information. You are doing a wonderful job and I certainly appreciate your efforts in answering all of my many questions.

Kudus to you for persistence and the people who work on the website, it is great for customers to have this type of helpful information. It builds loyalty, trust and credibility, something that insurance companies and consumers need more of these days.

Warm regards,

Patti Galbraith

Wilma and Carl de Boer

Both my wife (Wilma de Boer) and myself, (Carl de Boer) want to express our sincere appreciation for Ms. Noor Kapur. Prior to meeting Ms. Kapur representing the LSM insurance company, we had considered other insurance companies. However, shortly after we personally met Ms. Kapur, we felt that she truly represents the slogan LSM insurance uses – “A partner you can trust.”

Mr. Kapur, explained the policies and answered our questions very professionally, and with patience to help us understand our policies with LSM insurance.

Thank you, Ms. Noor Kapur for your excelent help and services n behalf.

With sincere appreciation,

Carl and Wilma de Boer

Jatinder Loomba

I have found the LSM website immensely useful and I’m grateful for you agreeing to let me use some of your information on disability insurance – more specifically your breakdown of partial versus residual disability insurance – for my new book. This will greatly benefit my students. I also appreciate the responsiveness and professionalism of Syed Raza.

Many thanks to LSM insurance.

Jatinder Loomba

Carolyn Davis-Jardine

As a migraine sufferer with a bad back, she is unable to work and tries to make ends meet on the extremely low fixed income support cheques of the Ontario Disability Support Program. It took her second husband Dan Jardine to insist that the two get life insurance and his help to pay the premiums before she ever considered it as something

Then, in August 2010, four short years after purchasing two $25,000 life insurance policies in each other’s name, Dan was the victim of a tragic accident. A laminator by day, he would often help friends with small construction projects that they couldn’t do by themselves by night. It was one of those times when he fell off of a friend’s roof and fell into a coma. A few days later, Carolyn had to make a heart wrenching decision:

“I had to pull the plug. Dan’s body was so badly damaged and, according to the doctors, he wasn’t going to come out of it,” she says. Because I love Dan to pieces, I mean, I loved him so much, I went through a very hard time where I couldn’t even talk or call anybody.”

Read the full story here

Carolyn Davis-Jardine

Lisa Harbinson

Lisa Harbinson wanted a new life insurance policy for her mother Joyce. She thought mom was paying too much at over $100 a month for a $10,000 term policy that she had borrowed money against and now it was time to pay it back. Obviously, Lisa thought it was also definitely time to look for a more reasonable plan that wasn’t about to expire.

In addition, she began to research the cost of funerals, so she could purchase exactly the amount she needed to give her mother a proper send off, but little did she know at the time, that send off would come so soon.

Read the full story here

Michelle Kolkman

Thank you for your prompt service in dealing with my individual insurance needs. It was a pleasure to work with Syed Raza and the advice he provided was very useful. Thank you for your efforts.


Michelle Kolkman