Tax Advantages of Universal Life Insurance


Universal life insurance is much more complicated than term life insurance. As well as tax advantage aspect, a universal life insurance policy also involves investment strategy. In this short and to the point video, top Canadian independent life insurance broker covers all the major questions a buyer of universal life insurance faces.

The important questions answered in this video include:

  • level cost of insurance versus variable?
  • low risk investment option or high risk equity fund?
  • individual policies or group policies?

In general, Universal Life Insurance is the right kind of policy for a high net worth individual with steady income:

When selecting a universal life policy, it is very important that you have a long term horizon. Many universal life policies have heavy surrender penalties in the first few years.

 Be sure that you will reap real tax advantages before leaping into a universal lfie policy. For the right person, there are enormous benefits. But not for everyone.

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