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Learn how to buy life insurance in Canada at the lowest possible price and with maximum possible benefits. Top Canadian life insurance broker Lorne S. Marr covers term life insurance, universal life insurance and disability insurance.

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We’ve Got The Answers: What Are Some Disability Solutions for Truckers?

Jaclyn Nemethy, Regional Sales Director at IA Excellence, joined me to discuss yet another hot-button topic. We previously talked about disability insurance and what makes IA Excellence unique. Another topic that quite a few truckers ask me about is disability insurance for truckers. We get a lot of truckers, as well, asking about disability solutions and I know IA Excellence does a great job at targeting that middle ...
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We’ve Got The Answers: I Was Recently Declined, What Are My Options?

Today's Question: I was recently declined for Life Insurance, what are my options? If you were recently declined for life insurance, there is no need to panic; there are options. You need to first figure out why you were declined - doing so will aid you in taking the next few steps. If you were declined for a significant reason, i.e., any serious medical condition, you may want to look into a No-Medical Insurance Policy. For less serious medical conditions, you may qualify ...
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LSM Insurance Helps Cricketers raise funds for Haiti victims

[flowplayer src='' width=340 height=251] Click the play button above to see the video! LSM Insurance Cricket for Haiti has been featured on South Asian Omni News. Nearly 200 players including under-19 and women cricket players attended the opening ceremony of a three-week cricket tournament in Toronto will be played to help raise awareness and funds for the disaster relief effort in Haiti. Read more about the ...
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Funny Insurance Commercials 3

The first six humorous TV spots with insurance as the main point comes to an end with the last two videos. This time the entertainment comes from the USA and the Netherlands. Nationwide Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company groups together a number of insurance companies that deal with everything from life to fire insurance. Anything can happen to you - and that's exactly what their advert is about. [flowplayer src='' ...
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Funny Insurance Commercials 2

As promised, we continue our funny insurance commercials mini-series with another two episodes, this time with insurers from the Netherlands and South Africa. Delta Lloyd This spot from less known Dutch insurance company (part of the Delta Lloyd Group, owned by Aviva) shows how much confidence you can gain with a proper life insurance policy in your pocket. [flowplayer src='' ...
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Funny Insurance Commercials

Although the world of insurance may seem boring and rather conservative to the onlookers, We—agents, advisers, brokers - simply those who live in the world of insurance rates, quotes, and premiums—we know the truth! Insurance is an exciting and vibrant industry. You may not have realized that insurance TV commercials are some of the funniest out there. We are constantly fishing for the best ones to share with you in our new series on funny insurance commercials. Enjoy the first ...
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CityTV Talks Life Insurance With Lorne Marr

CityTV Talks Life Insurance With Lorne Marr

[flowplayer src='' width=320 height=240 splash='' popup='Get an independent quote now <a class="popuplink" href="">Term life quote</a>'] (more…)
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LSM Insurance featured on CBC National News!

[flowplayer src='' splash='' popup=' Get an independent quote now Term life quote ' width=320 height=240] Click the play button above to see the video! We have been featured for our efforts to help employees reduce commuting, save on fuel costs, reduce pollution and enjoy life more: we have instituted a voluntary 4 day work week. And our staff love it. CBC radio also produced a story ...
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