Travel Insurance:

News from 2014

Travelance is Launching New Seniors Emergency Medical Insurance Plan

Travelance is launching their new Seniors Emergency Medical Insurance Plan Travelance is a marketer and distributor of travel insurance products that offers a variety of travel insurance plans at affordable prices no matter what your travel plans are, including trip cancellation/interruption, trip delay, baggage, air flight accident, and more! Emergency medical insurance plans are available to both visitors to Canada who are ineligible for coverage under Canada’s public health care ...
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Bringing Families Together with the Parent or Grandparent Super Visa

It has never been easier to visit Canadian family members. Photo by Luciano Meirelles Those travelling to Canada from other countries know that the typical travel visa allows you to stay for a maximum of six months before you have to apply for a new visa and pay a new fee. However, if you're the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen, there's a way you can visit your family for a longer period without having to renew your visa. It's called the Super Visa and it allows eligible ...
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The Top 5 Life Insurance Loopholes with Ellen Roseman

Ellen Roseman gives us the lowdown on five life insurance loopholes. Life insurance is a difficult concept to wrap one's head around. But even when you think you have more than a basic understanding, insurance contracts are embedded with many loopholes and restrictions that often trip up consumers. As the personal finance columnist for the Toronto Star, Ellen Roseman has written about every one of them, so we invited her to take us through them all and share her candid advice on how to ...
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