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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup March 27th 2015

This week, we interviewed the founder of Canadian Legacy Builder, Kevin Cahill, about the importance on critical illness insurance in our experts roundup series. We announced that we will be hosting a BBQ for Youth Without Shelter this summer. The event take place on June 11th from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. For more information about the BBQ check out our announcement post here. Lastly, Chantal Marr wrote an article in Forum Magazine all about kids and insurance. Below are articles I ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup For March 20th 2015

Our infographic this week is aboutGuaranteed Issue life insurance. We describe what it is, who sells it and who is suitable for this policy. We also had an article about free life insurance benefitsyou might have that you are not taking advantage of. In the article, Chantal goes into detail of what kind of benefits you might have. LSM is in the news! Lorne Marr was quoted in the February/March 2015 issue of MoneySense. Lorne was quoted by Julie Cazzin in her article, the ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup March 13th 2015

Our articles for this week offers advice on purchasing your life insurance policy and how the life insurance industry can appeal to a younger generation. One life insurance tip is to ask about the 10-Day Free Look Period. In the article, we explain exactly what this is and how it may help you if you get stuck in a bad life insurance policy. We also looked into the disconnection between life insurance companies and millennials. One way toclose the gap between life ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup For March 6th 2015

Welcome to our weekly personal finance roundup. This week we celebrated the success of raising over $2,500 for Lupus Ontario at the Lupus Bowl in February. We put together a infographic to break down the differences between the three different types of permanent life insurance. Lastly, I made my first post this week on the topic of self-insuring. He weighs the advantages and disadvantages of self-insuring your business. The articles below share words of encouragement if you have ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup February 27th 2015

This week there was an enormous uproar in the space of Canadian personal finance with a report coming out on how the limit increase of TFSAs could cost the government billions of dollars. These reports were published by the Parliamentary Budget Office andBroadbent Institute. For more information on these reports you can read up our thoughts here. We were able to get a quote from Big Canjun Man on his view on the topic of raising the TFSA limit. Also this week, chartered ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup February 19th 2015

This week we started early with an article that suggests ideas for how to show your loved ones you care about them any time not just for Family Day. Pension analyst and financial journalist,Sean Cooper, brings his knowledge to our critical illness insurance experts roundup. You can read all about his thoughts on critical insurance hereincluding his thoughts on if critical illness insurance is underestimated or not. Lastly, we report on the Supreme Court of Canada's new ruling ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup February 13th 2015

The cold of winter is creeping into the office today and all across Canada. At times like these you just want to stay inside and curl up reading a good book, watch a movie or read the finance articles you missed this week. On Monday we put together a call for everyone to come out to the Lupus Bowl. This event is hosted in conjunction with Lupus Ontario and ourselves. The event is held today at 6:30pm at World Bowl on9 East Wilmot Street. Come on out for a good time for a great ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup February 6th 2015

This week, to celebrate the event of the Super Bowl last weekend, we look back on professional athletes who dropped the ball on their finances. The day after we conducted an in-depth report on how one insurance broker was able to convince BMO Insurance to pay out a claim without a premium. Following that we shared two life insurance tips that prove useful. The first tip is a set of insurance policies that you might want to consider if you areself-employed. The second tip is that you ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup January 30th 2015

In our articles this week, we wanted to create a discussion around back-to-back annuities, as well as, RRSPs and TFSAs. We also looked at how hard it might be to obtain insurance if you participate in extreme sports. We debated whether back-to-back annuities are a good a idea or a bad idea. Explored the dangers of 5 extreme sports that may be tough to get insurance. And examined the differences and similarities between RRSPs and TFSAs. On the list for weekend reading this ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup For January 23rd 2015

New this week in the world of Canadian personal finance, blogs are writing about theBank of Canada lowering their key interest rates for the first time since 2010. Be that as it may, the major banks in Canada are still deciding whether or not they will lower their prime rates as a result. The Bank of Canada news is not the only subject personal finance writers are blogging about this week. Other topics in this roundup cover the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan and self-employment, ...
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