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All You Need to Know About Life Insurance

I’m going to talk a little bit today about how life insurance works. It can be a bit of a basic question, but at the same time, there is a lot to look at with a life insurance policy, like the type of plan: there is term insurance, which starts off lower in cost and goes up as you get older, and then there’s permanent insurance, which starts off higher in cost and never goes up as you get older. Now, one of the things to look out for with a life insurance policy is the waiting period. A ...
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How does the Canada Protection Plan New Advisor Assist Program work?

 Lorne: Hi, I’m here with Mike Liem of Canada Protection Plan, and I wanted to talk to him a little bit about the new Advisor Assist Program and how that works. Mike: Great. Thanks again for having me, Lorne. The Advisor Assist Program came out on May 29th. It’s basically our own little better way to do business, let’s call it. We’ve decided to help advisors help themselves and help their clients because we hear the stories a lot, where, “oh, I’m an advisor and I’m going to set up my ...
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What You Must Know about the New Canada Protection Plan Express Elite Policy?

 Lorne: I’m with Mike Liem of Canada Protection Plan today. I know you guys have a lot of changes with your applications. I thought today would be a great day to go over some of the different plans and how your new Express Elite Program works versus your A-Z application. Mike: Great. Thanks again for having me, Lorne. Basically, the Express Elite was introduced on May 29th, and it’s targeted for healthy people ages 18-60. If someone turned 20 or turned 30 asks for the half-million-dollar ...
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All You Must Know about Canada Protection Plan’s A-Z Program and App

 Lorne: I’m here with Mike Liam today from Canada Protection Plan and we’re talking a little bit about some of their different plans. We are going to talk now about your A-Z program and how that works and how it fits in with some of the other things that you’re doing. Mike: Thanks Lorne, again, thanks for having me. The A-Z is basically our old existing app. It doesn’t change. We just renamed it because we introduced our new Express Elite app for healthy people. So, the A-Z app was ...
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We’ve got the Answers: What is the Canada Protection Plan Express Elite Plan?

 Lorne: I’m here with Mike Liam from Canada Protection Plan today. We are doing some video work and we are talking first about Canada Protection Plan’s new Express Elite plan. Why don’t you tell us a little about the plan, Mike, and what makes it unique and why you came out with it and all that fun stuff. Mike: Thanks, Lorne, for having us. We came out with it on May 29 for one particular reason. We are reaching out into what we call the “regular markets” now. It’s basically designed for ...
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Stack Life Insurance / Top up Life Insurance | What You Must Know

 Lorne: I am here with Mike today from Canada Protection Plan. We are having fun talking about life insurance, imagine that. We are talking about a great idea and a great point that Mike had – how clients who have health issues may actually stack their life insurance (i.e. buy several policies) with different life insurance companies and how that might work so it is a great opportunity to tell our audience about it. Mike: Absolutely, at Canada Protection Plan we only have half-a-million ...
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We’ve Got The Answers: What Are Some Disability Insurance Solutions for Truckers?

Jaclyn Nemethy, Regional Sales Director at IA Excellence, joined me to discuss yet another hot-button topic. We previously talked about disability insurance and what makes IA Excellence unique. Another topic that quite a few truckers ask me about is disability insurance for truckers. We get a lot of truckers, as well, asking about disability solutions and I know IA Excellence does a great job at targeting that middle ...
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We’ve Got The Answers: I Was Recently Declined, What Are My Options?

Today's Question: I was recently declined for Life Insurance, what are my options? If you were recently declined for life insurance, there is no need to panic; there are options. You need to first figure out why you were declined - doing so will aid you in taking the next few steps. If you were declined for a significant reason, i.e., any serious medical condition, you may want to look into a No-Medical Insurance Policy. For less serious medical conditions, you may qualify for ...
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LSM Insurance Helps Cricketers raise funds for Haiti victims

[flowplayer src='' width=340 height=251] Click the play button above to see the video! LSM Insurance Cricket for Haiti has been featured on South Asian Omni News. Nearly 200 players including under-19 and women cricket players attended the opening ceremony of a three-week cricket tournament in Toronto will be played to help raise awareness and funds for the disaster relief effort in Haiti. Read more about the ...
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Funny Insurance Commercials 3

The first six humorous TV spots with insurance as the main point comes to an end with the last two videos. This time the entertainment comes from the USA and the Netherlands. Nationwide Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company groups together a number of insurance companies that deal with everything from life to fire insurance. Anything can happen to you - and that's exactly what their advert is about. [flowplayer src='' ...
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