Underwriting Questions

Life Insurance and Obesity

Much like the rest of the world, Obesity rates in Canada are steadily increasing. In 2004, the Canadian Community Health Survey reported that 23.1% of those 18 and older (an estimated 5.5 million adults) had a Body Mass Index of 30 or more, making them obese. Another 8.6 million, or 36.1% were overweight. With so...
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High Cholesterol and Life Insurance

High cholesterol may put you in front of him, but don’t let it hurt your eligibility Almost 48% of men and 43% of women in Canada have high cholesterol. With high cholesterol more and more common in Canada, insurance companies have started heavily considering it when evaluating life insurance applications for eligibility. When combined with...
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Life Insurance and Underwriting – The LSM Difference

LSM Insurance and its broker network have over 50 years of combined life insurance experience. Back in 80’s and even the 90’s almost all life insurance advisors were captive agents captive agent. Over the last 20 plus years we have seen many changes in the industry. A major change that is not often discussed is...
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