Find Out What Your Provincial Health Plan Covers

Universal Health Care is a source of national pride for many Canadians, but it still doesn’t cover everything. In subtle ways, government-sponsored health plans vary in what they cover between provinces, so LSM took the liberty of laying out what you do and don’t get.

This way, you can make an informed decision when it comes to buying supplemental health insurance to fill in the gaps that exist in the health coverage in your province.

Provincial Health Plan Resources

  • Should Medical Marijuana Be Covered Under Private Health Insurance Plans?


    Medical Marijuana Could Be The Next Drug Covered By Extended Health Insurance Plans Marijuana legalization has been a major political talking point in Canada recently. But, what many people don’t know is that marijuana use for medical purposes has been legal in Canada ever since 2000, when a landmark court ruling struck down the prohibition of medical marijuana. The use of marijuana, also known as cannabis, as a medicinal drug dates back centuries in many cultures. More recent ...

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  • What Your Territorial Health Plan Covers: Nunavut


    Nunavut is the newest territory in Canada and it too has a territorial health insurance plan. The plan is called The Nunavut Healthcare Plan and is available to all residents of Nunavut. What Does the Nunavut Healthcare Plan Cover? Physician's diagnosis and treatment of medical illnesses or injury Surgery including surgical assistance and anesthetic services where required Obstetrical care, which includes pre- and post-natal care Eye exams and surgery performed by an ...

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  • What Your Territorial Health Plan Covers: Yukon


    The provincial health plan in the Yukon is called the Yukon Healthcare Insurance Plan, and it is available to all permanent residents of the Yukon Territory. What the Yukon Healthcare Insurance Plan Covers All physician services required by a doctor, including pregnancy Medical and surgical supplies and equipment Dentures and rebases every five years Hearing aids Dental surgical procedures that are performed in hospital Standard accommodation and meals in ...

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  • What Your Provincial Health Plan Covers: Saskatchewan


    Saskatchewan was the first province in Canada to introduce government-funded healthcare in 1946. It's the main reason Tommy Douglas, their premiere at the time, was named "The Greatest Canadian" by CBC.Their health plan is called Saskatchewan Health, and all permanent residents of the province are eligible. What Does Saskatchewan Health Cover? All inpatient and outpatient services provided by a physician Occupational therapy and physiotherapy Mammography screening for ...

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  • What Your Provincial Health Plan Covers: Prince Edward Island


    The provincial health insurance plan in Prince Edward Island is known as Health PEI and it covers a variety of health services for PEI residents. What Does Health PEI Cover? Most services administered by a physician in a hospital, doctor's office or patient's home. Medically necessary services Obstetrical services, including newborn, pre- and post-natal care Medically required oral surgery that is performed by a physician in a hospital Male and female ...

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  • What Your Provincial Health Plan Covers: Ontario


    OHIP covers emergency services outside of Ontario on a limited basis. Ontario's Health Insurance Plan is known colloquially as OHIP. In order to be eligible, you mustbe a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or among one of the newcomer-to-Canada groups who are eligible for OHIP as set out in Ontario’s Health Insurance Act. Plus, you mustbe physically present in Ontario for 153 days in any 12-month period andbe physically present in Ontario for at least 153 ...

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  • What Your Provincial Health Plan Covers: Nova Scotia


    Residents of Nova Scotia are covered by the Medical Services Insurance Program (MSI), which makes them eligible for medically required health services, such as medical, dental, hospital, and optometrist services. The optometrist services are limited, however. If you are a visitor to Nova Scotia from outside the country, you will only receive coverage for rudimentary emergency services, so you should definitely consider travel insurance if you are planning a vacation there. (more…)

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  • What Your Territorial Health Plan Covers: The Northwest Territories


    Drugs aren't usually covered in the Northwest Territories. The Northwest Territories provides its residents with federal health benefits through the Northwest Territories Healthcare Plan. The following is an examination of what the plan actually covers when it comes right down to it. What is Covered Diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury, including surgery Eye exams and procedures done by an ophthalmologist Obstetrics, including pre- and post-natal care ...

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  • What Your Provincial Health Plan Covers: Newfoundland and Labrador


    Newfoundland and Labrador provides coverage for nursing care. Newfoundland and Labrador provides its citizens with a health care plan called the Medical Care Plan. Below is a point-by-point breakdown of what the plan actually covers. What is Covered Hospital and doctor visits Surgical, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures that include full pre-operation and post-operation care, along with the full maternity care process Some surgical dental procedures that are deemed ...

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  • What Your Provincial Health Plan Covers: New Brunswick


    To receive New Brunswick's health plan, Medicare, you must be a permanent resident of the province and not a student, tourist, or visitor. What is Covered? Most procedures preformed by a doctor in a doctor's office or hospital A limited amount of dental procedures that are medically needed and preformed in a hospital; however, extractions and dental work performed in a hospital are not covered, but the anesthesia may be covered (more…)

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  • What Your Provincial Health Plan Covers: Manitoba


    12 chiropractor visits a year are covered. Manitoba's provincial medical coverage is known as Manitoba Health. It is open to all permanent residents of Manitoba as long as they have lived there for at least six months. Ironically, the Pharmacare subsidy program has the same name as the drug coverage tier of B.C.'s provincial health plan. What Does Manitoba Cover? Doctor services anesthetic and surgery X-ray and lab tests that are required by a doctor One eye ...

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  • What Your Provincial Health Plan Covers: British Columbia


    B.C. has one of the most comprehensive drug programs in the country. The B.C. provincial health insurance plan, called Health Insurance B.C., started as universal public medical insurance in 1968, although letters were written by the provincial government to urge the federal government to institute a nationwide health insurance plan as early as 1922. It is a three-tired system consisting of the Medical Services Plan, which is mandatory for all B.C. residents and their dependents and ...

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  • What Your Provincial Health Plan Covers: Alberta


    The Alberta Health Plan is commonly referred to as AHCIP in the province, which stands for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. It was one of the first provinces to offer public hospital care, coming in after Saskatchewan became the first in 1946 by following it in 1950. Below is a breakdown of what they currently offer: (more…)

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  1. Lynne 09/11/2014 at 10:29 am

    We are planning on relocating from Ontario to Nova Scotia and wanted to know if my drugs etc. are covered the same

  2. Anna Sun 09/12/2014 at 1:23 pm

    Hi Lynne,

    You must contact the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

    “If an insured resident of Ontario takes-up permanent residence in another province/territory, they must notify the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. They must contact the ministry of their new home province to register for health care in their new province/territory of residence”.

    You might find this website helpful in answering your question:

    link to


    LSM Insurance

  3. Linda e long 02/20/2017 at 9:32 pm

    If you can’t get back surgery hear in Nova Scotia will MSI cover if you can get the surgery in another country ?

  4. Syed Raza 02/24/2017 at 9:43 pm

    Hi Linda, Hopefully this resource can provide some more information: link to

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