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What The Financial Experts Own – Peter Wouters

What type of life insurance do you own? Permanent participating; UL, T100 and some T10 in addition to optional group life insurance. What factors did you consider when determining coverage amount? Which ones may continue indefinitely? What...
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What The Financial Experts Own – Jonathan Jubida

What type of life insurance do you own? I own a combination of Limited Pay Whole Life Permanent Insurance, Term Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance. What factors did you consider when determining the coverage amount? Factors I considered when...
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What The Financial Experts Own – Chad Larmond

    Bio Chad created Larmond Risk Management in 2011 to help business owners, professionals & executives in securing the future of their families and businesses. Chad prides himself on treating his clients with the utmost professionalism. His consultative approach to insurance planning allows his clients to feel confident in their coverage as they preserve and grow...
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Mike Aziz Insurance Agent

What The Financial Experts Own – Mike Aziz

Mike Aziz Senior Vice President of Sales,Canada Protection Plan Michael’s career spans over 20 years in the financial services industry including investments, life insurance and living benefits. Prior to joining Canada Protection Plan, Michael spent 15 years at a large Canadian insurance company working in various roles, including Regional Vice President, Wealth Management...
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janet gray money coach

What The Financial Experts Own – Janet Gray

Janet Gray Money Coach,Money Coaches Canada Before joining Money Coaches Canada in 2014, Janet was a Certified Financial Planner offering full service with investments, insurance and mortgages for a major Canadian institution for 13 years. Even though she no longer sells insurance/investments products, Janet still maintains her designation as a Certified Health Insurance...
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Aman Kapur life insurance expert

What The Financial Experts Own – Aman Kapur

Aman Kapur Insurance Consultant,Your Insurance Guy Aman Kapur is the founder of Clarifynancials Inc., of and also a senior consultant with LSM Insurance. He is a MBA and became a life and health insurance broker in 2003 after many years of experience working across four continents. He has been providing customized solutions...
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What The Financial Experts Own – Andrew McKeown

Andrew McKeown Insurance Consultant,Great-West Life My name is Andrew and I want to help Financial Advisors help their client’s buy insurance! For two reasons: People hate insurance, but they need it. Selling insurance doesn’t work anymore; we need to help clients buy. People are paying too much in taxes and buying insurance can...
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What The Financial Experts Own – Ken Doll

Kenneth Doll, BA, B.Comm., MA, CFP, CLU, TEP Certified Financial Planner,Wealth Architects Inc. Ken is a leader in providing Financial Planning and Insurance Advisory solutions to Albertans. He has over two decades of experience in helping clients protect their assets, secure their lifestyle, insure their income and save for retirement as well as...
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What The Financial Experts Own – Cory Budovitch

Cory Budovitch President,Budovitch Legacy Planning Inc. For over twenty years, Cory has helped entrepreneurs and professionals in almost every sector extract funds from their businesses while reducing payable taxes. His hands-on approach and creativity allow him to help clients meet both their short-term financial goals and long-term estate planning objectives. Cory uses his...
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Life Insurance Expert Miles Rubinoff

What The Financial Experts Own – Miles Rubinoff

Miles Rubinoff President,Brash Financial Inc. Over 20 years experience in the Financial Services industry, providing sales development and education to advisors, clients and distribution channels. I have held Senior Executive Sales Management and Leadership roles representing Insurance companies, Financial Management Companies and Brokerages working across the Country in Insurance, Investments and Insurance and...
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