Funeral Insurance


How Does Funeral Insurance Policy Work?

We get a lot of questions on funeral insurance and how it works. In terms of funeral insurance, you can have a policy that is owned by the funeral home. Alternatively, what I’ll talk a little bit about now is an individual policy that is owned by the policy owner but is being used to...
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funeral costs in Canada

Breaking Down The Cost of a Funeral In Canada

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the subject of death has to be brought to the table. Nobody likes to think about it, let alone discuss the topic with their family, but putting off important decisions about final preparations will only make things more difficult for the loved ones you leave behind. Making...
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INFOGRAPHIC: How Much Does a Funeral Cost in Canada?

As explained in our infographic below, there many costs associated with a funeral in Canada including transportation and flowers to name a few. Young or old, you can still fund a funeral by using your life insurance to cover the costs:
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Canada Purple Shield’s Funeral Expenses Policies

Purple Shield has been offering final expense solutions in Canada for over 50 years. Its policies are sold by its in-house sales team and are underwritten by Assurant Life, which is a member of the insurance company insurer Assuris. A.M. Best has given Assurant Life an “Excellent” A rating as an indicator of its financial...
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Funeral Costs and Life Insurance

  Most Canadians worry about funeral costs and final expenses. No one wants to leave these costs for their families to cover. Life insurance is the ideal solution. Beneficiaries receive a tax free, lump sum payment to help with final expenses and any other costs. There are many types of plans to choose from. However,...
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Burial Insurance – Is it A Good Deal?

Burial insurance, otherwise known as funeral insurance, is essentially a permanent life insurance policy – the premiums are fixed and the plan provides lifetime protection. Burial life insurance policies pay out a lump sum tax free death benefit that can be used to cover the cost associated with final expenses. Funeral expenses have doubled over...
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Why Life Insurance Can Be Ideal for Final Expenses

No one wants to leave their family holding the bag when they pass on, not with bills, debts and funeral expenses. This is why Life Insurance can be an ideal fit for final expenses. The following benefits are hard to ignore: 1. The death benefit is paid out tax-free. Life insurance proceeds are paid with...
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